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Wednesday March 16th, 2022 night edition

image for Russia Looks Less and Less Like India's Friend

India further seeks to leverage strong Russia ties against its Chinese adversary, and greatly appreciates Moscow's support of its position on disputed Kashmir.

But the geostrategic winds have shifted significantly in recent years, suggesting that India might want to reconsider the benefits of close Russia ties.

Most glaringly, Russia and one of India's top rivals, China, now maintain a robust strategic partnership.

The geostrategic winds have shifted significantly in recent years, suggesting that India might want to reconsider the benefits of close Russia ties.

Russia is concerned about terrorist attacks too, but the fact that the Taliban are Islamic extremists bothers Moscow less than New Delhi.

Rather, Russia seems intent on filling the security vacuum left by the United States, preferably with an authoritarian and anti-American regime.

Finally, Russia has become a major military supplier to Tatmadaw, the military junta in India's eastern neighbor Myanmar. »

Ukraine war: Fox News cameraman and Ukrainian journalist killed in attack near Kyiv

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A Fox News cameraman and a Ukrainian journalist have been killed by an "artillery shelling by Russian troops" while reporting on the war in Ukraine.

Fox News announced the attack and Mr Hall's injury on Monday by saying the reporter "was injured while newsgathering outside of Kyiv in Ukraine".

Fox News presenter Bill Hemmer said: "Pierre Zakrzewski was an absolute legend at this network and his loss is devastating. »

‘It’s the right thing to do’: the 300,000 volunteer hackers coming together to fight Russia

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He adds that Russia has attempted to mitigate the attacks and deter hackers by filtering access to certain websites, which has caused further disruption.

Fedorov, 31, has been using his vastly expanded Twitter profile to plead with executives at the world’s biggest tech firms to cut ties with Russia.

On 26 February, he posted a link to the Telegram group, which was set up by his ministerial department. »

Medical student surgically implants Bluetooth device into own ear to cheat in final exam

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It was the student’s final attempt on Monday to clear the exam after repeatedly failing it since getting admission into the college 11 years ago.

But they were not able to recover the Bluetooth device while frisking the student, whose name has not been revealed by the college.

Such a technique was used by a Vyapam scam accused too to clear his medical exam eight years ago.”. »

Devolver Co-Founder Announces New Publisher Focused on Games That Improve Mental Health

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From Wilson’s perspective, he had seen firsthand the numerous benefits video games had on mental health especially.

DeepWell is a new games publisher explicitly dedicated to both developing and publishing games that provide proven health benefits, as well as partnering with existing developers and publishers to win similar health approvals for games already out in the world.

Wilson says that DeepWell will include games that are beneficial to both mental and physical wellbeing, but will have a heavy emphasis on mental health. »