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Friday March 11st, 2022 night edition

image for Coors Light to Become Largest U.S. Beer Brand to Ditch Plastic Rings

Parent-company Molson Coors announced Tuesday that six-packs of its Coors Light brand would no longer come in the infamous plastic rings that trap marine life, CNN reported.

Coors said it was the largest U.S. beer brand to make the change.

“We’re chill about a lot of things, but single-use plastic isn’t one of them,” Coors Light tweeted Tuesday.

“So we’re eliminating plastic rings from our packaging, starting this year and finishing by 2025.”.

The plastic rings used for soda and beer six packs have been controversial long before the current concern over ocean plastic pollution.

Coors is not the first major beer maker to jettison plastic rings.

Coors Light is the second best-selling U.S. beer brand after Bud Light. »

Anonymous hacks Russian federal agency, releases 360,000 documents

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JUST IN: #Anonymous has successfully breached and leaked the database of Roskomnadzor, the Russian federal executive agency responsible for monitoring, controlling and censoring #Russian mass media, releasing to the public over 360K files.

They are also threatening to block Russian Wikipedia for including an article on the Russian invasion.

A few days ago, Anonymous hacked several Russian broadcasts, interrupting their content and leaving messages saying that normal Russians don't support the war. »

US Rep. Madison Cawthorn calls Ukrainian president a 'thug' ::

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On Thursday afternoon, one hour after WRAL reported the comments, Cawthorn appeared to walk back his remarks, saying on Twitter that Russian President Vladimir Putin's actions are "disgusting.".

He also sought to justify calling Zelenskyy a "thug" by accusing the Ukrainian president of pushing "misinformation on America."

Among Republicans, 61% reported a favorable opinion of the Ukrainian president, far above the 6% share with an unfavorable view. »

The No-Fly Zone Delusion

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There are no examples of something called a “no-fly zone” being imposed on a major power outside the context of battles for air superiority in regular warfare.

The idea of establishing a no-fly zone reflects a humane urge to relieve Ukrainian suffering and to "do something" in the face of Russian aggression.

The idea of a limited no-fly zone aims primarily to protect corridors through which civilians can escape, safe from Russian air strikes. »