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Wednesday March 9th, 2022 morning edition

image for DC ‘freedom convoy’ gets defeated by regular traffic for second day in a row

An American truckers’ rally inspired by the self-styled “Freedom Convoy” in Canada fell short of its goal to stifle traffic in the US capital for a second day in a row on Monday.

Plans by the “People’s Convoy” were marred by broken-down trucks as vehicles got separated on a Washington DC highway.

Hundreds of trucks, cars and SUVs had gathered on the highway to protest against the government’s response to coronavirus and the subsequent vaccination mandates.

The truckers and a group of vehicles with upside-down American flags ended up lost amid the highway’s substantial traffic.

The convoy did not cause any major slowdowns for other travellers, who continued to move in and out of the rally.

On Sunday, the convoy drove a lap around the 64-mile Beltway though some ended up lost amid the highway’s substantial traffic.

DC Police officials are monitoring the convoy, police chief Robert J Contee III told reporters on Monday. »

Man sentenced to 3 years in federal prison over Pokémon card

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A Georgia man has been sentenced to 36 months in prison — three years — after using COVID-19 relief money to purchase a rare Charizard Pokémon card.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) announced the sentencing in a news release issued Monday.

Once Oudomsine got the money, however, the DOJ said he used $57,789 of it to buy a Charizard card. »

FIFA 22 has now removed all Russian clubs and players from FUT packs

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EA Sports has confirmed it’s removed all items related to Russian clubs from FIFA 22 Ultimate Team packs and Ultimate Draft.

Now, an in-game message sent to FIFA 22 players has confirmed cuts will be made to the popular Ultimate Team mode.

Last week EA also posted on the official NHL 22 social media accounts, confirming it was removing Russian teams, as well as Belarusian teams. »

Ukraine latest news: 5,000 civilians leave Sumy in first successful evacuation

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As we reported earlier, the US rejected an offer by Poland to send all of its Soviet-made Mig-29 fighter jets to Ukraine via an American airbase in Germany.

Military analyst Col Brendan Kearney told the BBC he was "perplexed with the approach the Poles are taking".

He said "the Ukrainian pilots could literally walk across the border into Poland and fly them back into Ukraine", which "seems like a much easier, much smarter move. »