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Sunday March 6th, 2022 morning edition

image for GOP Sens. Rubio, Daines face backlash for sharing photos of Zelensky on social media after being asked to protect his safety

Rubio and Daines for sharing images of Zelensky from a Saturday meeting.

Lawmakers were asked to refrain from revealing visual details from their talk with the Ukrainian president.

Zelensky remains in a difficult position as he continues to rally his country against Russian forces.

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Marco Rubio of Florida and Steve Daines of Montana on Saturday were criticized for sharing images of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on social media after being asked not to do so during a meeting in the interest of the leader's safety.

Several aides who spoke with NBC News said lawmakers were specifically asked not to tweet about the meeting.

Rubio posted a screenshot on Twitter of Zelensky: "On zoom call now with President Zelensky of #Ukraine.". »

Supporting the Ukrainian People

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Throughout the past week, we have watched the news from Ukraine and the worsening humanitarian crisis that is unfolding.

Our company’s commitment is to help those impacted by this terrifying violence and to provide assistance in every way possible.

Today, we are announcing that Activision Blizzard will be suspending new sales of and in our games in Russia while this conflict continues. »

Personal trainer dies from caffeine overdose after accidentally drinking the equivalent of 200 cups of coffee, reports say

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A 29-year-old personal trainer died from a caffeine overdose in 2021, an inquest heard.

He ingested up to 5g (0.2 oz) of caffeine powder, which is equivalent to up to 200 cups of coffee.

A personal trainer died from an overdose after accidentally ingesting a powder with caffeine levels equivalent to up to 200 cups of coffee, an inquest heard, per reports. »

Disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein caught smuggling Milk Duds in jail

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Harvey Weinstein was caught with contraband Milk Duds in November, prompting a reprimand from L.A. County jail guards, according to records viewed by Variety.

The Milk Duds were found during a search on Nov. 10, after Weinstein had a face-to-face meeting with Shawn Burkley, one of his attorneys.

Weinstein claimed to the guards that he had brought the Milk Duds with him when he was extradited from New York in July. »

Brian Beck, Accused Of Raping 14-Year-Old, Avoids Jail

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A former sheriff’s deputy in Tennessee who was accused of raping a 14-year-old girl over a period of nearly two years will avoid jail time after pleading guilty to a lesser charge.

Beck was accused of raping the unnamed teenager over a 20-month span beginning in 2016; he was 43 at the time.

Beck also isn’t required to be part of the sex offender registry. »