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Tuesday February 22nd, 2022 evening edition

image for Belarus should face same sanctions as Russia in event of invasion, says EU

Belarus is being annexed by Russia and its government will face the same “massive” sanctions as Moscow should there be an invasion of Ukraine from its territory, the EU’s foreign affairs chief has said.

“I want to repeat once again that any further aggression against Ukraine will have a strong answer from the European Union,” he told reporters in Brussels.

“But I want to add that this will also apply to Belarus should an attack be conducted from each territory with its involvement.

Lithuania’s foreign affairs minister, Gabrielius Landsbergis, said the Belarusian armed forces were no longer acting purely on orders coming from Minsk.

There remain differences of opinion among the 27 member states on what level of sanctions will be imposed on Russia over the move.

He said: “I will certainly put on the table the sanctions package that has been prepared.

The EU has threatened “severe costs and massive consequences” in the event of a further Russian incursion into Ukraine. »

Putin orders Russian forces into Ukraine's breakaway regions after recognizing their independence

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Kyiv, Ukraine — Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday recognized the independence of two Russian-backed breakaway republics in the east of Ukraine.

Putin announced during an extraordinary public meeting of his security council in Moscow earlier that he would decide whether to formally recognize the independence of the breakaway republics.

Russian President Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting with members of the Security Council in Moscow, Russia, February 21, 2022. »

Germany halts approval of Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia over Ukraine

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The EU’s position matters because, until now, the West’s position in this crisis has been heavily coordinated.

One NATO official told CNN last week that without the EU’s sanctions proposals “the Western response would unquestionably have been much weaker.”.

“They’re looking at a package of sanctions that is still under the remit of the 2014 sanctions package,’ after Russia annexed Crimea, the diplomat explained. »

A BYU student tried to make homemade rocket fuel in a dorm — and created a fireball that displaced 22 people

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The warning came after a student living in one of the college's dorms attempted to make homemade rocket fuel, and instead created a fireball that engulfed the walls.

They said the unnamed resident had been making homemade rocket fuel on their stove "when the volatile mixture suddenly exploded into a fireball.".

Police said nobody was injured, but 22 dorm residents had to be displaced because of "extensive damage to the building.". »

Cat gone 7 years makes cross-country trek to reunite with owners

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A cat in California that went missing seven years ago found her owners – thanks to a microchip and a very determined man.

Try refreshing your browser, or Cat gone 7 years makes cross-country trek to reunite with owners Back to video.

“She was primarily an indoor cat,” Drbec said, according to a Facebook post by Riverdale County Animal Services. »