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Sunday February 20th, 2022 night edition

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Sculptures of horned devils adorn the house of Bolivian miner David Choque, intended as a playful nod to the South American country's colonial past, but which has shocked some neighbors and sparked allegations of occult rituals, in El Alto, Bolivia February 16, 2022.

EL ALTO, Bolivia, Feb 17 (Reuters) - A Bolivian miner has covered his house with sculptures of long-horned devils and other scary creatures, intended as a playful nod to the country's colonial past but which has instead shocked some neighbors who fear a link to occult rituals.

There is an imprint of a black skull on Choque's front door and giant teeth around one window frame, below which an intricately carved dragon lurks.

Choque told Reuters he hoped the spooky house could spur local tourism.

The colonial masters would show miners images of devils and warn them they would be abducted by the spirits if they refused to work.

Some neighbors see the devils on Choque's house, many with their mouths bared in grotesque grins, as signals to Satanic worshippers, and Choque laments he is battling baseless rumours.

One resident, Maria Laurel, said she has heard talk of naked rituals in the house. »

After a Jewish lawmaker’s impassioned speech, Wyoming’s conservative legislature rejects critical race theory ban

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(JTA) — It seemed a slam dunk: The popular conservative cause of banning “critical race theory” in schools, being taken up for a vote in one of the country’s most lopsidedly conservative legislatures.

Then a Democrat, one of just seven in the 60-member Wyoming legislature, stood up Thursday and said he could not support the bill because he was Jewish.

The post After a Jewish lawmaker gave an impassioned speech, Wyoming’s conservative legislature rejected banning critical race theory appeared first on Jewish Telegraphic Agency. »

Avatar News Airbender & Korra Netflix casting and release date

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Exclusive: Avatar Aang era console RPG and world of Avatar MMORPG video games in development.

I have some huge news for you today: an ATLA console RPG and an Avatar MMORPG are in development at undisclosed game studios in collaboration with Paramount’s Avatar Studios.

For the MMORPG, I don’t know what platform it’ll be on or if it’ll be related to the console game. »

India, UAE sign free trade deal expected to double trade to $100 billion in 5yrs

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The agreement will provide significant benefits to Indian and UAE businesses, including enhanced market access and reduced tariffs, according to an official statement.

The CEPA is expected to increase bilateral trade from the current level of $60 billion to $100 billion in the next five years, it said.

India and the UAE will also take steps to enhance the resilience and reliability of food supply chains. »