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Saturday February 19th, 2022 day edition

image for "Freedom Convoy" leader Pat King arrested live on social media

Pat King, one of the most vocal members of the “Freedom Convoy” movement, went on social media Friday to livestream his arrest.

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“I am being arrested by this officer right now,” he told viewers to his live Facebook feed.

He was told he was being arrested for counselling to commit the offence of mischief, counselling to obstruct police and counselling to commit the offence of disobeying a court order.

King told the officer he would like to call his lawyer. »

Biden says he's now convinced Putin has decided to invade Ukraine, but leaves door open for diplomacy

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Biden had considered traveling to Delaware, as he typically does, but decided to remain in Washington.

Throughout recent days, the Biden administration has publicly disclosed several intelligence details on Russian movements -- a marked shift in how US national security officials typically operate.

Questioned on why he believed Putin is considering diplomacy at all, Biden said only: "We have a significant intelligence capability.". »

Trump records retrieved from Mar-a-Lago did contain classified information

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The Archivist of the United States confirmed in a letter to Congress on Friday that records retrieved from Trump’s club Mar-a-Lago contained classified information.

In her initial letter, Ms Maloney asked if the records NARA retrieved would undergo a review to determine if any of them contained classified information.

He also said that because NARA identified classified information in the 15 boxes, it contacted the Department of Justice. »

Avatar News Airbender & Korra Netflix casting and release date

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Exclusive: Avatar Aang era console RPG and world of Avatar MMORPG video games in development.

I have some huge news for you today: an ATLA console RPG and an Avatar MMORPG are in development at undisclosed game studios in collaboration with Paramount’s Avatar Studios.

For the MMORPG, I don’t know what platform it’ll be on or if it’ll be related to the console game. »