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Saturday February 12nd, 2022 morning edition

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In his statement about the charges against Mr. Trump, Mr. Grassley said, “The law is the law, and it ought to be enforced regardless of which party is involved.”

He added that he believed the National Archives, at the time “was less inclined” to involve the Justice Department in the recovery of Mrs. Clinton’s emails.

“But now, after the Archives was able to recover presidential records, it seems to want to loop in the Justice Department,” he said.

Mrs. Clinton, he said, set up a “convenient arrangement” where she stored State Department communications on a private server, in violation of agency policy.

When asked about detailed news reports, Mr. Chaffetz said that this behavior did “not necessarily” constitute destroying records.

“I believe in the sanctity of the federal records,” Mr. Chaffetz said, “but you’re going to have to come up with specific instances.”.

Several former Trump White House officials, who regularly attacked Mrs. Clinton, had nothing to say about Mr. Trump’s decision to take documents with him to Mar-a-Lago. »

White father and son charged for chasing and shooting at Black FedEx driver

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Gibson's attorney, Carlos E. Moore, told CNN that Gibson was wearing a FedEx jacket, shirt and pants but the vehicle had no FedEx markings.

He was simply doing his job as a FedEx driver in full uniform when he was chased and assaulted by gunfire.".

After he left the police station the day after the shooting, Gibson said, FedEx put him on the same route on which the shooting happened. »

New intel suggests Russia is prepared to launch an attack before the Olympics end, sources say

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The US and its allies have new intelligence that suggests Russia could launch an attack on Ukraine even before the end of the Olympics, multiple sources familiar with the matter tell CNN.

Previous assessments had suggested that Russia was unlikely to move into Ukraine until after the Olympics end on Feb. 20, US officials had told CNN in the past.

Kyiv is among the targets identified in the Russian planning, three sources familiar with the new intelligence tell CNN. »

A QAnon Grifter Who Claims She Can Time Travel Is Running for Office in Ohio

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But then again, Maras, who did not respond to VICE News’ questions about her campaign, is not one for subtlety.

“As SOS of Ohio I will get rid of EVERY SINGLE ELECTION VOTING MACHINE,” Maras wrote on Telegram this week.

“Fundamentally all social and political questions are economic,” Maras wrote in a comment posted to her campaign Facebook account this week. »

Trudeau warns of 'severe consequences' for anti-vaccine mandate protesters who don't stand down

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Trudeau said the protesters must stand down or face severe "consequences" for any illegal activities — consequences that include the possibility of criminal charges and steep financial penalties.

He also warned that criminal sanctions could be levelled that would stop the protesters from ever travelling internationally again.

"Everything is on the table because this unlawful activity has to end, and it will end," Trudeau said. »