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Saturday February 5th, 2022 evening edition

image for Home Depot employee arrested for swapping store cash with counterfeit bills for years, authorities say

(CNN) A Tempe, Arizona, Home Depot employee is facing a federal charge, after authorities said he repeatedly took cash from the store and replaced it with counterfeit currency before depositing it in the bank, according to a criminal complaint.

According to a US Secret Service news release , agents from the Phoenix field office arrested Adrian Jean Pineda, a vault employee at the store, who was responsible for counting cash and preparing it for deposit.

Pineda is accused of ordering counterfeit bills from Amazon, swapping them with money taken from store cash registers and sealing them in bags for transfer to the bank, according to the complaint.

Pineda, the complaint said, admitted to switching the real money with fake bills in an interview with Secret Service agents.

CNN has reached out to his attorney but has not received a response.

Between January 2018 and January 2022, Home Depot recorded $387,000 in losses due to counterfeit notes in their bank deposits, the Secret Service said. »

China, Russia partner up against West at Olympics summit

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"If Russia further invades Ukraine and China looks the other way, it suggests that China is willing to tolerate or tacitly support Russia’s efforts to coerce Ukraine...".

- China joined Russia in calling for an end to NATO enlargement and supported its demand for security guarantees from the West.

In the technology arena, Russia and China said they were ready to strengthen cooperation on artificial intelligence and information security. »

Western monarch populations grew over 100-fold in 2021. Why?

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The monarchs of North America are split into two populations, and two spectacular migrations, divided by the Rocky Mountains.

At the same time, the Western monarchs depart sites across a broad swath west of the Rockies and head southwest to California.

Volunteer monarch counters Stephanie Turcotte, Shannon Conner, and Natalie Johnston compare notes in Pacific Grove Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary in December 2021. »

GoFundMe scuttles campaign for trucker convoy, stops release of $10-million in donations

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GoFundMe broke ties with convoy protesters late on Friday, citing “the promotion of violence and harassment” on the streets of Ottawa.

The announcement scuttles one of the crowdfunding company’s biggest fundraising campaigns and blocks the release of nearly $10-million in donations.

The crowdsourcing company said it was not wrong for donors to fund the initial travels of the trucker convoys to Ottawa. »