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Friday February 4th, 2022 day edition

image for 'Betty Whiteout,' 'Ctrl Salt Delete' top winners in MnDOT Name-a-Snowplow contest

"Betty Whiteout" is the runaway winner in this winter's Minnesota Department of Transportation Name-A-Snowplow contest.

Coming in second with 21,372 votes was "Ctrl Salt Delete," followed by "The Big Leplowski" (17,478), "Plowasaurus Rex" (13,209) and "Scoop Dogg" (13,144).

"Blizzard of Oz" (12,742), "No More Mr. Ice Guy" (11,198) and "Edward Blizzardhands" (10,664) rounded out the top eight.

Later this month, those winning names will go on MnDOT plows serving each of the agency's eight districts around the state.

The "Betty Whiteout" name will go on a MnDOT plow serving District 8, covering parts of southwest and central Minnesota.

The eight winners are from a field of 50 finalists that went up for an online vote last month.

Two of this winter's winners — "Blizzard of Oz" and "Edward Blizzardhands" — had been among the names that fell short in voting last winter. »

Oklahoma bill would fine teachers $10k for teaching anything that contradicts religion

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Oklahoma Republican Senator Rob Standridge has introduced a bill that would allow people to sue teachers if they offer an opposing view to the religious beliefs held by students.

Subjects like LGBTQ issues, evolution, the big bang theory and even birth control could be off the table.

The act will be introduced into the Education Committee next week, but it doesn’t specify which religious beliefs will be used to prosecute offending teachers. »

12 years after Skate 3, EA says Skate 4 is "launching soon"

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That's according to EA CEO Andrew Wilson, speaking earlier this week during an earnings call.

Later that month, EA revealed that the new game would feature "user-generated content," so the new comments from Wilson about that aspect aren't exactly a surprise.

Head over to our new games 2022 guide for a complete look at all the games set to launch through the year. »

South Dakota governor signs 2022’s first trans athlete ban into law

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South Dakota’s law applies to all state-accredited schools, which generally includes both public and private schools, according to a spokesperson for the governor.

For example, during a committee debate last week on South Dakota’s trans athlete ban, the governor’s chief of staff, Mark Miller, defended the bill and likened trans inclusion in sports to terrorism.

“By putting it in law, we are ensuring that what we’re seeing all over the country does not happen in South Dakota,” he said. »