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Thursday February 3rd, 2022 evening edition

image for North Korea Hacked Him. So He Took Down Its Internet

For the past two weeks, observers of North Korea's strange and tightly restricted corner of the internet began to notice that the country seemed to be dealing with some serious connectivity problems.

Some North Korea watchers pointed out that the country had just carried out a series of missile tests, implying that a foreign government's hackers might have launched a cyberattack against the rogue state to tell it to stop saber-rattling.

But responsibility for North Korea's ongoing internet outages doesn't lie with US Cyber Command or any other state-sponsored hacking agency.

Just over a year ago, an independent hacker who goes by the handle P4x was himself hacked by North Korean spies.

But he nonetheless felt deeply unnerved by state-sponsored hackers targeting him personally—and by the lack of any visible response from the US government.

So after a year of letting his resentment simmer, P4x has taken matters into his own hands.

For the most part, he declined to publicly reveal those vulnerabilities, which he argues would help the North Korean government defend against his attacks. »

Adam Schiff Explains Why Trump’s Pardon Promise Is ‘Very Important Evidence’

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Schiff, a member of the House select committee investigating the insurrection, suggested on MSNBC Wednesday that Trump’s comments at a weekend rally were part of a broader pattern of using pardons to influence and intimidate witnesses.

“If this violence against the Capitol wasn’t part of the plan, or wasn’t something he condoned, then why would he consider pardoning them?”.

“So, I think it’s very important evidence as to his intent. »

Lindsey Graham Spent Six Years With His Head Up Trump’s Ass for Nothing

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One member of the GOP who consistently stood out from the bunch in his fealty to 45 was Senator Lindsey Graham.

Yes, Trump dubbed Graham, a lifelong Republican, a Republican in Name Only, in an interview with Newsmax that aired Tuesday night.

“Lindsey Graham doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about if he says that,” Trump added to Newsmax’s Rob Schmitt. »

On student debt, Biden supporters are 'growing impatient'

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Though supporters have praised the temporary extension of the pause on loan repayments, they are nonetheless "growing impatient," writes the Journal.

Per data firm MeasureOne, "Americans owe around $1.6 trillion in federal student loans and more than $130 billion in private student loans," the Journal writes.

Whether or not Biden even has the power to cancel student debt has also proved controversial among his allies, the Journal notes. »