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Saturday January 29th, 2022 evening edition

image for The critics were right: "Critical race theory" panic is just a cover for silencing educators

Instead, their talking points were a jumbled, bad faith explosion of claims that they were actually against racism and just worried about "divisive" lessons.

It turns out that liberal critics were right and conservatives were lying.

Rufo's dishonesty should be apparent to anyone who has read "Maus," as there really is no better book to teach.

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So now the truth is out: Republicans weren't upset about "critical race theory" or anything like it.

It was a fake panic, propped up to cover for what they really want to do: Erase the history of racism from schools.

As usual, despite their denials, Republicans really are behaving like the deplorables their critics say they are. »

QAnon Sex Trafficking Conspiracies Have Shut Down a Texas Butterfly Center

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A QAnon conspiracy theory that a butterfly sanctuary on the southern border of the U.S. is being used for sex trafficking has led to the center closing “due to credible threats” against its staff.

Neither the Butterfly Center, Wright or Lowe immediately responded to VICE News requests for comment on the incident.

He has repeatedly spread false rumors about the center, including claims that he observed butterflies swarming around dead bodies at the center. »

Steve Irwin’s family has saved over 90K animals, including Australia wildfire victims

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The family of the late Steve Irwin has helped rescue 90,000 animals including those falling victim to the ongoing wildfire devastation in Australia.

Terri Irwin, the widow of Steve Irwin, and their children, daughter Bindi and son Robert Irwin, own and operate the Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Hospital.

Steve Price normally fights fires in the U.S. but for the past month he’s been in Australia. »

Ubisoft responds to angry NFT Digits and Quartz reaction – Interview

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And our belief is that, piece by piece, the puzzle will be revealed and understood by our players.

I think it's great because it shows how engaged our players are and how passionate they are about their hobby and gaming in general.

Are you guys looking into things like that and trying to spread the Ubisoft brand in the existing NFT space?. »