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Friday January 28th, 2022 night edition

image for A man in China who apparently tried to kill himself said he was ashamed that his son was still single at 29

A man who collapsed at a Chinese train station reportedly expressed shame his son was single.

He survived what is thought to be a suicide attempt and is said to be receiving hospital treatment.

The case sparked a social-media debate about the pressures for young people in China to get married.

A father in China who seemed to survive a suicide attempt is said to have expressed shame that his son was not yet married at 29.

In the note, addressed to his son, the man wrote that he "lived a life of shame" because his son had yet to start a family, per the report.

"People of my age in the village all have children and grandchildren already," he reportedly wrote, adding: "But you are 29 and have achieved nothing.".

If young women are not married after 27, they are referred to as sheng nu, or leftover women. »

Sites in India and Nepal awarded for doubling tiger populations

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26 Jan 2022 - Bardia National Park in Nepal, and Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve in India, have won this year's TX2 Award for doubling their population of wild tigers since 2010.

A second award for Tiger Conservation Excellence will be presented to Khata Forest Conservation Area in Nepal which secures transboundary connectivity for tigers between Nepal and India.

This is the inspiration we need as we move towards the next Global Tiger Summit and the setting of new tiger conservation targets.”. »

The 59 Republicans Who Joined Electoral Voter Fraud Scheme For Trump Could Face Prison

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“This is election fraud, and it’s many other crimes as well, both, I believe, at the state and the federal level.”.

Georgia Republican Party Chairman David Shafer, though, said he and the other 15 Georgians who sent electoral votes for Trump did so only to make sure Trump could continue pushing a lawsuit alleging vote fraud.

“It turns out that the biggest fraud seems to have been perpetrated by those who were claiming fraud in the first place.”. »

Sarah Palin dines outdoors at restaurant two days after it's revealed she tested positive for Covid-19

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New York (CNN Business) A Manhattan restaurant where Sarah Palin was spotted dining indoors while unvaccinated over the weekend confirmed that the former Alaska governor returned to dine outdoors on Wednesday, just a few days after testing positive for Covid.

At issue are current local guidelines that advise people who tested positive to remain in isolation for five days after their positive test.

"Our goal has always been to incentivize isolation for those testing positive for Covid and providing them multiple resources," a New York City Hall spokesperson said. »

70 Percent of Adults Don't Want Donald Trump to Run in 2024: Poll

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The poll, conducted by Marquette University Law School of 1,000 adults nationwide and released on Thursday, found that more than 70 percent of respondents don't want to see Trump mount another run for the White House.

In a look at a possible rematch of the 2020 election, the poll had President Joe Biden besting Trump by 10, 43-33.

Nearly 70 percent of people who responded to the poll also have an unfavorable opinion of the former president. »