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Wednesday January 26th, 2022 night edition

image for Hospital refusing heart transplant for man who won't get vaccinated

A Boston hospital says it won't consider performing a heart transplant on a patient who refuses to get vaccinated against COVID-19, CBS Boston reports.

DJ Ferguson, 31, is fighting for his life at Brigham and Women's Hospital and in desperate need of a heart transplant.

DJ's family says he was at the front of the line to receive a transplant but hospital policy stipulates that he's no longer eligible because he hasn't received the vaccination.

"It's a policy they are enforcing and so, because he won't get the shot, they took him off the list (for) a heart transplant.".

Dr. Arthur Caplan, the head of medical ethics at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, explains that being vaccinated is necessary for this type of procedure.

"Post any transplant, kidney, heart whatever, your immune system is shut off," Caplan said.

And while the family says DJ has received great care from doctors and nurses at Brigham and Women's, they just don't agree with the heart transplant COVID vaccination policy. »

Electronic Arts and Lucasfilm Games Announce New Star Wars Titles in Development from Respawn Entertainment

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Electronic Arts and Lucasfilm Games announced today that they will join forces once again for three new Star Wars titles: the next title in the Star Wars Jedi franchise, a strategy game, and a first-person shooter, all currently in development from Respawn Entertainment.

Shepherding the next installment in the Star Wars Jedi story is game director Stig Asmussen of Respawn; Peter Hirschmann, game director, who has a long and accomplished history with Star Wars, leads the development of Respawn’s Star Wars first-person shooter.

Hirschmann previously worked as VP of development at LucasArts, and was executive producer on the original Star Wars Battlefront games. »

Joe Biden Formally Backs Consumers' Right to Repair Their Electronics

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At a cabinet meeting Monday, Biden gave an update on the executive order he issued last year that directed the Federal Trade Commission to create right to repair rules that would enforce against anticompetitive practices.

“It sounds kind of silly saying it that way, but we call it the right to repair and it’s literal.”.

But it’s going to make it easy for millions of Americans to repair their electronics instead of paying an arm and a leg to repair or just throwing a device out.”. »

Elizabeth Warren says $20,000 in student loan debt 'might as well be $20 million' for people who are working at minimum wage

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren called on Biden to cancel student debt after he re-extended the payment pause.

Warren campaigned on wiping out a minimum of $50,000 per federal borrower during her 2020 campaign.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts said $20,000 in student-loan debt "might as well be $20 million" for people working at minimum wage because "they don't have enough extra money to pay it.". »

Colorado deputy with OnlyFans account retires after being discovered by female officer

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A Colorado sheriff’s deputy retired with a $30,000 separation agreement instead of facing an internal investigation over an OnlyFans page she owns.

She had the OnlyFans account for 18 months without any problems, but then coworkers found out and a female officer in a nearby police department filed a complaint, KDVR reported.

She still operates the OnlyFans page, where subscribers pay a monthly fee to see Williams nude or watch her sexual encounters with her husband. »