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Tuesday January 25th, 2022 evening edition

image for Joe Biden Formally Backs Consumers' Right to Repair Their Electronics

At a cabinet meeting Monday, Biden gave an update on the executive order he issued last year that directed the Federal Trade Commission to create right to repair rules that would enforce against anticompetitive practices.

“It sounds kind of silly saying it that way, but we call it the right to repair and it’s literal.”.

In his statements, Biden said that he was “pleased to see the Federal Trade Commission unanimously announced that it would ramp up enforcement against illegal repair restrictions.”

“Folks will be able to repair their phones and laptops themselves, although I’m not sure I know how to do that.

But it’s going to make it easy for millions of Americans to repair their electronics instead of paying an arm and a leg to repair or just throwing a device out.”.

The FTC then formally adopted a pro right-to-repair stance and began to study new enforcement mechanisms.

At the same time, several proposed laws are working their way through state and federal legislature that would enshrine the right-to-repair. »

Mexican journalist who told president she feared for her life shot dead

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According to local news reports, Maldonado was found dead of one gunshot inside a car outside her home.

Maldonado in 2019 pleaded for López Obrador's support at his daily press conference, "Because I fear for my life.".

Mexico was ranked at 143 of 180 countries in the 2021 World Press Freedom index published by Reporters Without Borders. »

Trump Supporters Left Death Threats for Election Workers. We Called Back.

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After the 2020 presidential election, hundreds of threatening messages, emails, and voicemails were left for elections workers across the country.

When VICE News asked him why he left these messages, he remained resolute and without remorse.

Johnson was convinced by Trump that the election had been stolen in Georgia. »