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Thursday January 20th, 2022 evening edition

image for 'I thought it was a joke': Canada Post employee sent home for wearing N95 mask instead of company-provided cloth or disposable mask

When he showed up at work, he was wearing an N95 mask.

"Right away a supervisor came up to me and told me I can't wear that mask," said Gallagher.

"I didn't really understand, I thought it was a joke at first, like 'Why can't I wear this when the ones you are providing are cloth.'".

He said he wasn't going to change his mask and started to sort his mail for the day.

The following day, Gallagher said he showed up wearing the same mask and was eventually told to leave after refusing to wear a company provided mask.

Gallagher, who said he was suspended without pay for the day he was sent home, said there are reasons why he wears an N95 mask compared to a cloth mask.

Gallagher has been told he can wear his mask outside of the Canada Post facility but he must wear the supplied mask in the facility. »

Monster Hunter Rise Sales Hit 8 Million After PC Release

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Capcom announced Monster Hunter Rise sales have reached over 8 million units worldwide.

According to the official press release, Monster Hunter Rise saw a boost in sales after the game’s recent release on PC via Steam.

Monster Hunter Rise originally released as a Nintendo Switch exclusive in March 2021. »

Legislator dies using medical suicide law he helped pass

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Jewett, who had cancer, helped pass a Vermont's aid-in-dying law that allows terminally ill patients to ask their doctors for a lethal dose of medication.

A former Vermont legislator and House majority leader has died with the help of a law he himself helped pass that allows the terminally ill to end their own lives, his wife said. »

Another European Nation Defies China As Slovenia Strengthens Taiwan Ties

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China has described its shock at comments from Slovenia's prime minister Janez Jansa criticizing Beijing's economic coercion and vowing to strengthen relations with Taiwan.

He also warned that continued Chinese pressure against the democratic island and its newfound friends in the European Union would backfire.

The Chinese leadership has threatened to seize the island by force if it declares formal independence under the name "Taiwan.". »