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Sunday January 16th, 2022 night edition

image for Beyond Meat And Impossible Foods Helped Save Nearly 1 Million Animals In The US Last Year

Just two plant-based food companies have helped spare at least 630,000 animals’ lives in 2021, and that’s just in the US.

Non-profit World Animal Protection (WAP) collated the data, and stresses that the actual figure is likely significantly higher – nearing to one million.

The international charity looked at some of the US restaurant chains offering Beyond Meat or Impossible Foods’ products, such as Burger King and Panda Express.

Given that the calculations only scratch the surface of the plant-based movement, WAP believes the figure is closer to one million animals in the US alone.

Nearly 80,000 cows were spared last year thanks to diners choosing Beyond Meat or Impossible Foods products.

For instance, last year Impossible Foods rolled out its products to 20,000 grocery stores – up from just 150 locations.

Roughly 120 million pigs, nine billion chickens, 30 million cows, and 320 million laying hens are raised or killed for food every year in the US. »

Calls grow for UK PM to resign over lockdown ‘parties’

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Calls are growing for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign after more revelations came to light about regular parties organised at Downing Street that broke COVID-19 lockdown rules, with Labour party leader Keir Starmer saying Johnson was “unable to lead”.

On Wednesday Johnson apologised to parliament for attending what he called a “work event”, at a time when social mixing was banned.

On Friday, people wearing Johnson masks danced in Downing Street, calling on the prime minister to resign. »

FedEx asks FAA permission to add anti-missile system to some cargo planes

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(CNN) FedEx wants to operate cargo planes outfitted with lasers that throw off incoming heat-seeking missiles, according to a newly published federal documents.

In a filing Friday, the Federal Aviation Administration indicated FedEx had asked permission to add the missile-defense system.

"In recent years, in several incidents abroad, civilian aircraft were fired upon by man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS)," the FAA document says. »

CNN Unearths Audio Of Kevin McCarthy Saying Trump Admitted Responsibility For Riot

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said days after the U.S. Capitol riot that then-President Donald Trump had admitted to him that he bore some responsibility for the violence that unfurled among his supporters on Jan. 6 last year.

Here's the audio of McCarthy saying Trump has responsibility for Jan. 6th and Trump admitted responsibility.

McCarthy reportedly made a similar claim about Trump taking responsibility for the riot in a Jan. 11 call to Republican lawmakers, per Reuters. »

Claus Hjort er sigtet for at røbe statshemmeligheder

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Jeg har ytret mig som Folketingsmedlem om en politisk sag, og jeg har ikke yderligere at tilføje for nuværende.

Men jeg kunne aldrig drømme om at foretage mig noget, som kunne gøre skade på Danmark eller Danmarks interesser«, udtaler Claus Hjort Frederiksen.

Baggrunden for Claus Hjort Frederiksens sigtelse skal efter alt at dømme findes i interviews, han tidligere har givet til Weekendavisen og TV2. »