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Thursday December 30th, 2021 day edition

image for California man driving to White House to kill leaders on 'hit list' arrested in Iowa, officials say

The man, Kuachua Brillion Xiong, 25, has been held in the Pottawattamie County Jail in Council Bluffs since Thursday, according to sheriff's records.

Xiong had been driving from his home near Sacramento, California, since Dec. 18 "with the intention of driving straight to the White House ... to kill persons in power," Larson wrote.

Speaking with investigators, Xiong said the "evil individuals he intended to kill" included Biden, Fauci, former President Barack Obama and Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, authorities said.

Xiong was using a map app on his phone and had set his destination for the White House, according to the complaint, which was included in court documents unsealed Wednesday.

Xiong, identified as a grocery store employee from Merced, showed investigators a drawing of the White House grounds, "including a perceived 'weak spot' he identified during his pre-attack research," Larson wrote.

"He added that if released from custody, he would immediately resume traveling to the White House ... and 'do whatever it takes' to complete his plan," the complaint said.

"Xiong stated that he has no intention of returning to California to see his family because he plans on dying while fighting evil demons in the White House," it said. »

Looming mass extinction could be biggest 'since the dinosaurs,' says WWF

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There are currently 142,500 animal and plant species on the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) — 40,000 of which are "threatened with extinction.".

It is the largest number of species to be included on the Red List since it was established in 1964, according to WWF Germany.

WWF Germany director Eberhard Brandes said decisive environmental protection policies were urgently needed, particularly in the fight against climate change. »

Ghislaine Maxwell found guilty in sex-trafficking trial

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The British former socialite Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty of sex trafficking in her Manhattan federal court trial on Wednesday afternoon.

Following the guilty verdict, Damian Williams, the Manhattan US attorney, said in a statement: “A unanimous jury has found Ghislaine Maxwell guilty of one of the worst crimes imaginable: facilitating and participating in the sexual abuse of children.

US marshalls escort Ghislaine Maxwell from the courtroom after she was found guilty. »

Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls It 'Wise' to Bar Democrats Who Move to Red States From Voting

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On Wednesday, the Georgia congresswoman posted on Twitter that "brainwashed people" who move from California and New York need a "cooling-off period."

In October, Greene conducted a Twitter poll about people's interest in a national divorce between Republican- and Democratic-leaning states.

Some called her out for breaking the United States up into red and blue states instead of just one country and seeming to advocate for civil war. »

Italy Votes to Ban Fur Farming and Shut Down Mink Farms

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Following approval of the resolution by Parliament, Italy will become the 16th European country to ban fur farming.

Fur farming also presents COVID-19 risks, as many mink farms in Europe discovered the presence of the virus early in the pandemic.

COVID-19 outbreaks have been reported at 465 mink fur farms in 12 countries, including Italy, the U.S. and Canada. »