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Tuesday December 21st, 2021 day edition

image for McDonald's teen employee hopped through drive-thru window to save customer choking on a chicken nugget

Sydney has been working at McDonald's for around seven months and told CNN that this was just another routine weekend shift.

After handing a customer some of her food in the drive-thru , Sydney popped back out of the window to let her know the rest was on the way.

That's when Sydney noticed the woman was choking on a chicken nugget.

Sydney instructed both her manager and the woman's daughter to call 911 as she quickly jumped through the window to help the woman.

The maneuver didn't work the first couple of times Sydney tried, so she called on a bystander to assist.

"And sure enough Sydney is sitting outside waiting for us to pick her up and says 'So this happened today.'".

"We always worried it was going to be a challenge for her, and it's done a complete 180", Tom told CNN. »

Coal miners' union urges Manchin to reconsider opposition to Biden plan

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“For those and other reasons, we are disappointed that the bill will not pass,” Cecil Roberts, the union’s president, said in a statement.

As countless interest groups call on Manchin to reverse course, the statement from the mine workers’ union might be the most impactful.

Manchin was born into a coal mining family and for decades has worked closely with the UMWA, which named Manchin an honorary member last year. »

Hot Wheels Unleashed sales top one million

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Hot Wheels Unleashed sales have surpassed one million units across both physical and digital storefronts since its launch on September 30, making it Milestone‘s fastest-selling title ever, the developer announced.

Mattel head of digital gaming Andrew Chan added, “Hot Wheels is all about encouraging the challenger spirit and Hot Wheels Unleashed brings that mission to life for gamers of all ages.

Hot Wheels Unleashed is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. »

Troops find religious exemption for vaccines unattainable

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Meanwhile, troops claiming religious reasons for avoiding the shots are perplexed because exemptions are theoretically available, yet seem impossible to obtain.

Obtaining a religious exemption is rooted in a process that predates the pandemic and has been used for decisions such as whether troops on duty can wear head coverings or beards for religious reasons.

The Navy has received about 2,700 religious exemption requests, the Marine Corps has 3,100 and the Army about 1,700. »

Five-year-old caught driving car north of Kingston, Ont. wanted to buy present for sister, police say

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A five-year-old boy in Central Frontenac, north of Kingston, Ont., just wanted to get a new toy for his sister.

Ontario Provincial Police say they received a call about a suspicious vehicle at around 7:20 a.m. Monday from a neighbour.

When police arrived, they found the very young driver, who said that he wanted to go to the store and buy a pink toy tractor for his little sister. »