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Sunday December 19th, 2021 evening edition

image for Final Fantasy 7 Remake files and folders reference a Steam release

One year and eight months after its PlayStation 4 release, Final Fantasy 7 Remake finally made it to PC, available on the Epic Games Store and only the Epic Games Store from December 16.

Have a look in the game files, however, and you'll find a Steamworks subdirectory under Engine/Binaries/ThirdParty.

Hop a couple of folders further down and there's also a steam_api64.dll file.

It seems likely, as with so many games before it, that Final Fantasy 7 Remake will remain exclusive to the Epic Games Store for the usual 6-12 months before being available elsewhere.

Here that ID is in the unofficial SteamDB, where the staff have already labeled it Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Running around the slums area I see framerates momentarily drop by 30 fps, even with a GTX 3080 and other specs well above the Final Fantasy 7 Remake system requirements.

I didn't play the original until I was an adult, however, so I don't have any of the nostalgia that made Fraser recently declare that Final Fantasy 7 Remake took a dump on his childhood. »

'QAnon Shaman' Jacob Chansley compared himself to Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Jesus Christ in interview from prison

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"QAnon Shaman" Jacob Chansley compared himself to Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Jesus Christ in an interview.

Speaking from prison, Chansley complained about being in solitary confinement, which he said was "soft torture.".

Capitol rioter Jacob Chansley, known as the "QAnon Shaman," compared himself to Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Jesus Christ in a podcast interview from prison. »

Spain Poised to Recognize Animal Sentience Within Civil Code, Clarifying Animals Are Not “Things”

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This approval is the first step toward updating animals’ legal status in the Spanish Civil Code — among other reforms consistent with that change.

The nonprofit Observatorio Justicia y Defensa Animal (Animal Justice and Defense Observatory), which launched the #AnimalesNoSonCosas (Animals Are Not Things) campaign in 2015, notes:.

[There are] many more laws around the world that explicitly recognize animal sentience or do so indirectly by defining animals with reference to sentience. »

Hero dog credited with saving baby's life

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An 8-year-old Boston terrier is being hailed as a real-life hero after alerting his owners that their 9-month-old baby was in need of help.

Jeff and Kelly Dowling of Connecticut said that while their daughter slept in her nursery Tuesday night, their dog, named Henry, began acting strangely, repeatedly barging into the nursery and waking the baby.

"He was head-butting the door open and going into her room and standing there," Kelly Dowling told "Good Morning America." »