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Friday December 17th, 2021 evening edition

image for Minimum Age For Marriage Of Women From 18 To 21: Cabinet Clears Proposal

The minimum age for marriage for women right now is 18.

The proposal to raise the minimum age of marriage for women from 18 to 21 was cleared by the Union Cabinet on Wednesday, a year after Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the plan is under review.

Prime Minister Modi, during his Independence Day speech last year, had made a mention of the proposal.

To save the daughters from malnutrition, it is necessary that they're married at the right age," the Prime Minister had said.

Presently, the minimum age of marriage for men is 21 but for women, it is 18.

The government is eyeing changes to the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, Special Marriage Act, and the Hindu Marriage Act to bring the plan into action.

The delay in marriages has a positive financial, social, and health impact on families, society, and children, it said. »

White House releases plan to replace all of the nation's lead pipes in the next decade

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The Biden administration outlined a plan on Thursday to replace all of the nation's lead water pipes in the next decade.

Up to 10 million households in the country are connected to water through lead service pipes and service lines, according to the White House.

The administration also clarified that state and local governments can use some of the money provided in the American Rescue Plan to replace lead pipes. »

Washington Is Preparing for the Wrong War With China

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Yet Washington may be preparing for the wrong kind of war.

If Washington doesn’t start preparing to wage, and then end, a protracted conflict now, it could face catastrophe once the shooting starts.

Washington should confront Beijing with a basic proposition: the longer a war lasts, the more devastation China will suffer. »

Claudette Colvin's juvenile record has been expunged, 66 years after she was arrested for refusing to give her bus seat to a White person

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Colvin, now 82, was arrested when she was 15 for refusing to give up her seat to a White person on a bus in Montgomery.

An Alabama family court judge in November granted Colvin's petition the prior month to expunge her record .

Colvin was charged with two counts of violating Montgomery's segregation ordinance and one felony count of assaulting a police officer. »

European supermarkets pull beef products linked to Brazil deforestation

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Products that are being withdrawn include corned beef, beef jerky and fresh prime cuts, which are suspected to have been sourced from cattle raised in the Amazon and the Pantanal tropical wetlands.

A recent study showed that some parts of the Amazon now emit more carbon dioxide than they absorb.

The less dramatic moves were limited to halting sales of certain corned beef or beef jerky products. »