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Tuesday December 14th, 2021 night edition

image for Jan. 6 PowerPoint reveals many more Republicans were in on Trump's coup plot

"Mitch McConnell's got to start taking care and focusing on these senators — because this is going to be very controversial.

Tomorrow it's going — we're pulling the trigger on something that's going to be, it's going to be minute by minute, hour by hour, what happens.

"It's not going to happen like you think it's going to happen ...Okay, it's going to be quite extraordinarily different.

The PowerPoint also features some of the looniest conspiracy theories hatched in the wake of the election.

She tweeted out a version of the PowerPoint on January 5th but nobody paid any attention because she has no credibility.

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It's why he sat on his hands for hours as his supporters stormed the Capitol. »

Ubisoft Has Filed a Trademark for New Splinter Cell Game

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Well, it seems that for better or worse, Ubisoft has been listening to fan demand and that a new Splinter Cell game is actually in the works.

Ubisoft has recently filed a trademark for a new Splinter Cell game at Justia Trademarks.

Whatever Ubisoft will deliver here, it will most certainly not be the Splinter Cell that we are acquainted with. »

South Dakota teachers scramble for dollar bills in ‘demeaning’ game

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A competition pitting 10 teachers against each other to scramble for dollar bills to fund school supplies in a city in South Dakota has been described as “demeaning” and drawn comparisons with the Netflix hit series Squid Game.

Footage of the competition that went viral on social media showed teachers stuffing the notes down their jumpers and into hats while the audience cheered.

“This just feels demeaning … teachers shouldn’t have to dash for dollars for classroom supplies,” she said. »

‘Gentle giants’: rangers prepare for return of wild bison to UK

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The rangers will manage the first wild bison to roam in the UK for thousands of years when four animals arrive in north Kent in the spring of 2022.

Wright says: “How amazing will it be to track the largest land mammal in the UK on foot right here in [Kent]?

Gibbs and Wright have just returned from training with wild bison herds in the Netherlands, where they were reintroduced in 2007. »