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Monday December 13rd, 2021 evening edition

image for At least 182 high-ranking congressional staffers have violated a federal conflict-of-interest law with overdue disclosure of their personal stock trades

Reporters found at least 182 instances in which senior staffers were late disclosing stock trades.

At least 182 of Capitol Hill's most influential and highest-paid staffers have blown past deadlines to detail and disclose their personal stock trades — violating a federal conflict-of-interest law in the process, an Insider analysis of congressional financial documents reveals.

The congressional staffers' infractions come on top of STOCK Act disclosure violations by at least 48 members of Congress.

Few are open with the public about why they failed to disclose their stock trades properly or how they worked to fix the issue.

Stock trades exceeding $1,000 from senior congressional staffers, their spouses, and any dependent children are supposed to be a matter of public record.

Yet many senior staffers who were late disclosing their trades were unwilling to open up about what happened or whether they faced a penalty.

Senate staffers receive automated email notifications from ethics officials when they're late disclosing their personal stock trades. »

Ubisoft Has Filed a Trademark for New Splinter Cell Game

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Well, it seems that for better or worse, Ubisoft has been listening to fan demand and that a new Splinter Cell game is actually in the works.

Ubisoft has recently filed a trademark for a new Splinter Cell game at Justia Trademarks.

Whatever Ubisoft will deliver here, it will most certainly not be the Splinter Cell that we are acquainted with. »

Bay Area horse molester sentenced to jail

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A man who sexually molested horses at an equestrian center in the Marin Headlands was sentenced to 210 days in jail on Tuesday.

Rangers learned that someone had broken into the building, vandalized it and released about 10 horses, according to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Haakenson sentenced Baker in accordance with the plea agreement, even though the jail time initially struck him as “light.” »

South Dakota teachers scramble for dollar bills in ‘demeaning’ game

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A competition pitting 10 teachers against each other to scramble for dollar bills to fund school supplies in a city in South Dakota has been described as “demeaning” and drawn comparisons with the Netflix hit series Squid Game.

Footage of the competition that went viral on social media showed teachers stuffing the notes down their jumpers and into hats while the audience cheered.

“This just feels demeaning … teachers shouldn’t have to dash for dollars for classroom supplies,” she said. »

University of Florida launches formal investigation after reports of pressure to destroy Covid-19 research data

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Vice President of UF Research David Norton announced the investigation in an email to faculty and staff Friday morning, according to the university.

"UF Research became aware of possible violations of the UF Policy on Research Integrity," Norton wrote in an email, saying the possible violation relates "to the reported destruction of COVID-19 research data at UF.".

Asked if the university was aware of actual destruction of data, the school said the investigation would be looking into that. »