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Saturday December 11st, 2021 evening edition

image for COVID-19: Death metal band Omicron won't change its name

COVID-19: Death metal band Omicron won't change its name Omicron - the variant, not the band - was first detected in South Africa but has since been found much further afield, featuring more than 30 mutations, which has experts worried about it being more transmissible.

Image: Omicron, the band, will not change its name.

They say all publicity is good publicity - and Belgian death metal band Omicron will not be changing its name, despite sharing it with the new COVID variant.

But he said they'd decided against it, in the hope that it might lead to more people listening to their music and help vanquish "the bad association with Omicron".

The attention is cool, but we don't want people to think we are using the disease to get our band widely spread.

Mr Delhaute said he thought of the band name five years ago after reading an article about Omicron constellations, describing the concept as "awesome". »

At least 70 feared dead in Kentucky alone, governor says, after tornadoes hit central and southern US

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One of the most devastated sites is the southwestern Kentucky city of Mayfield, where a tornado hit a candle factory Friday night while people were working.

Among the survivors were Kyanna Parsons-Perez, who said workers had been hustled to a safety area before the storm hit.

More than 100 tornado warnings were issued in the US Friday before midnight, the most ever for a day in December. »

Rumor: Persona 3 Portable is getting a multiplatform remaster

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Details provided are extremely scant, boiling down to basically one sentence: “Oh, and Persona 3 Portable is getting a remaster.

Persona 3 Portable is in bad need of a multiplatform remaster (especially on Switch), only launching for Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) a decade ago.

It would be pretty awesome if a hypothetical Persona 3 Portable multiplatform remaster could incorporate the FES epilogue. »

Don’t Sell Out Ukraine

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History shows that pledges of neutrality by Ukraine or any other country in the region do nothing to abate Putin’s appetite; rather, they feed it.

In early 2014, Russia invaded Ukraine, occupied Crimea, and launched a deadly war in the Donbas.

Ukraine’s partners signaled staunch support for Ukraine in public and behind closed doors, and Moscow was forced to ease tensions. »

Mystery of Florida's "ghost" candidates grows: Major energy company linked to GOP scheme

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Thousands of these mailers – all of which featured identical language blasting "party line" politicians as "puppets," according to Politico – bombarded voters.

It was "a coordinated dark money effort to siphon votes from Democratic candidates," Anders Croy, a Democratic caucus' spokesman, told The Miami Herald.

According to the Sentinel , a printing company with ties to Florida GOP strategist Alex Alvarado was in charge of producing the mailers themselves. »