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Tuesday December 7th, 2021 evening edition

image for DoJ sues Texas, saying electoral map plans violate Voting Rights Act

lThe US Department of Justice is suing Texas over its new electoral maps, saying the plans violate the Voting Rights Act by making it more difficult for Black and Latino voters to elect their preferred candidates.

Minority voters accounted for 95% of population growth in Texas over the last decade but there are no new majority-minority districts in the new plans.

The DoJ suit says Texas violated section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, which prohibits voting practices that discriminate on the basis of race.

Vanita Gupta, the No 3 official at the justice department, said some of the districts were drawn with “discriminatory intent”.

Last week, the DoJ made filings in three cases challenging new voting restrictions in Arizona, Texas and Florida, defending the scope of Section 2.

In their Monday press conference, both Garland and Gupta called for Congress to restore a provision of the Voting Rights Act that required states with a history of voting discrimination, including Texas, to get electoral maps and voting changes approved by the federal government before they went into effect.

In 2011, the DoJ used the provision to prevent some of Texas’s initial proposed maps from going into effect. »

Halo Infinite won’t let you replay story missions

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Specifically, Halo Infinite’s first two missions take place off Zeta Halo, and there’s no way back to these areas once you’ve finished.

That means that any collectibles you missed will be inaccessible, unless you start a new save to replay those missions.

Update: Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries will add the ability to replay story missions after launch, associate creative director Paul Crocker told The Verge. »

Henry Cavill says his dog, Kal, has saved his mental health

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(CNN) "Superman" star Henry Cavill has revealed that not all heroes wear capes -- some just have fluffy paws.

The British actor, best known for portraying the DC Comics character in the DC Extended Universe, has credited his dog for saving his mental health.

The conversation soon turned to his canine companion and he told host Lorraine Kelly just how important Kal was to him. »

Indonesian court delivers victory for Indigenous rights in Papua

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Judge in West Papua Province declines to reinstate permits for palm oil companies to exploit ancestral lands.

An Indonesian court has delivered a landmark victory for Indigenous rights in a case that pitted West Papuan activists against several palm oil companies.

Indonesia exported 37.3 million tonnes of palm oil in 2020, commanding 55 percent of the global palm oil market, according to the Indonesian Palm Oil Association (GAKI). »

Trump ally Steve Bannon can be prosecuted in a single day, DOJ says

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Federal prosecutors see the Steve Bannon case as "very straightforward" and want a trial date soon.

DOJ thinks it will only take a day of testimony to present the contempt of Congress case.

But the department ended that years-long drought with Bannon, who asserted executive privilege even though he hadn't served in the Trump administration since 2017. »