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Monday December 6th, 2021 evening edition

image for Mary Trump called Biden's attorney general an 'idiot' for not prosecuting Donald Trump over the Capitol riot

Mary Trump blasted Merrick Garland for not indicting Donald Trump over the Capitol riot.

Trump's niece called Biden's attorney general an "idiot" for not pursuing a case.

Garland has previously been criticized for not sweeping Trump into the DOJ's Jan. 6 probe.

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Mary Trump suggested that Attorney General Merrick Garland was an "idiot" for not yet prosecuting her uncle, former President Donald Trump, over the Capitol riot.

Last month, the DOJ indicted Steve Bannon on two counts of contempt of Congress for defying subpoenas.

Mary Trump has long been openly critical of her uncle and his policies, and has since 2020 published two books about him. »

Uttar Pradesh: Plastic surgeon performs 37,000 free surgeries to make kids smile- The New Indian Express

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Today, Dr Subodh Singh has earned fame as a plastic surgeon by performing free corrective surgeries (under the worldwide initiative Smile Train) on kids born with cleft lip/palate.

He started performing corrective cleft surgeries from 2003-04, became a part of The Smile Train project (globally the largest cleft surgery-focused organisation).

Dr Subodh and his team have also performed 6,000 free extensive burn surgeries to reactivate lives of serious burn patients. »

A North Carolina man accidentally bought 2 identical lottery tickets -- and won 2 jackpots

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(CNN) A North Carolina man wasn't sure if he had bought a ticket in the state's Lucky for Life lottery drawing, so he filled out the online form.

"I was just laying in bed watching a basketball game on TV and I couldn't remember if I filled it out or not," said Scotty Thomas, 49, from Fayetteville, according to the North Carolina Education Lottery.

It turned out he had won $25,000 each year for life with each ticket in the November 27 drawing. »

Jamaican Government Launches Campaign About How Great Weed Is

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The Jamaican government has launched a publicity campaign to bust myths about cannabis including a song about how “ganja can boost lives”.

The Ministry of Health and Wellness launched the “Good Ganja Sense” campaign in a bid to legitimise and promote the Caribbean nation’s growing medical weed industry.

In 2018 Andrew Wheatley, Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, said Jamaica should stake its claim on local weed strains and said weed is “our birthright”. »

Biden administration expected to announce diplomatic boycott of Beijing Olympics this week

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(CNN) The Biden administration is expected to announce this week that no US government officials will attend the 2022 Beijing Olympics, implementing a diplomatic boycott of the games, according to several sources.

The last time the US fully boycotted the Olympics was in 1980 when former President Jimmy Carter was in office.

In response to the news, Beijing warned it would take "resolute countermeasures" against the Biden administration if the diplomatic boycott went ahead. »