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Sunday December 5th, 2021 evening edition

image for Tennessee court grants new trial for Black man after all-white jury deliberated in room with Confederate symbols

Tennessee court grants new trial for Black man after all-white jury deliberated in room with Confederate symbols.

A Black man whose fate was decided by an all-white jury who deliberated in a room containing Confederate symbols will receive a new trial after a Tennessee's Criminal Appeals Court ruling.

Tim Gilbert was sentenced in June 2020 to six years in prison for aggravated assault and other charges connected with a 2018 altercation.

But Gilbert and his attorney argued the symbols on display at the Giles County courthouse, the jury's racial makeup and specific evidence allowed violated his right to a fair trial.

Unbeknownst to Gilbert or his attorney at the time of the trial, the jury considered whether Gilbert was innocent or guilty in a room where an antique Confederate flag and a portrait of Confederate President Jefferson Davis hung.

In conjunction with the issue regarding the jury's deliberation room, the appeals court found the trial court allowed a statement that should have been otherwise inadmissible.

The appeal court's ruling comes over a year after a Tennessee circuit judge denied Gilbert's motion for a new trial. »

Ghislaine Maxwell Stared Directly at Her Court Sketch Artist and Drew Them Right Back

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A courtroom illustration of Ghislaine Maxwell staring directly at her court sketch artist and drawing her back has gone viral.

completely losing my mind over this courtroom sketch of ghislaine maxwell staring straight at the artist and drawing them right back — Jello Bea Arthur (@DJWillMartin) December 2, 2021.

"Imagine doing a court illustration of ghislaine maxwell while she stares directly at you and draws you right back," another added. »

Josef Fares' It Takes Two hit by Take-Two claim

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It Takes Two, the latest game from Brothers: A Two Sons' Josef Fares, has been hit by a trademark claim from Grand Theft Auto parent company Take-Two.

The acclaimed co-op puzzler about a pair of divorcing parents was struck by a trademark claim before its release earlier this year, it has emerged.

"Think Like A Rockstar", a brand behind music books for live performances, abandoned its trademark after Take-Two's legal claim. »

104 year-old woman learns to read and write

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104 year-old woman learns to read and write.

In the city of Kottayam, in the south Indian state of Kerala, Kuttiyamma, a 104 year-old woman, has learned to read and write.

“I always wanted to learn… but I could never study because I had to do household chores,” she said. »