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Monday November 29th, 2021 evening edition

image for Briefing Trump was 'far and away the most difficult' than any other president, CIA-published book says

The author described Trump as "far and away the most difficult" new president to brief.

Trump was, like Nixon, "suspicious and insecure about the intelligence process," the book said.

Briefing Donald Trump as he prepared to enter the White House was more difficult than briefing any other incoming president, a book published by the CIA said.

The publication, "Getting to Know the President," by John L. Helgerson, a former intelligence officer, charted different presidents' interactions with intelligence agencies.

In it, Helgerson wrote: "For the Intelligence Community, the Trump transition was far and away the most difficult in its historical experience with briefing new presidents.".

Helgerson wrote that the only comparable experience to Trump's transition was that of President Richard Nixon.

"Trump was like Nixon, suspicious and insecure about the intelligence process, but unlike Nixon in the way he reacted," Helgerson wrote. »

Germany plans to phase out the sale of combustion-engine vehicles to help meet its ambitious goal of getting 15 million electric vehicles on the road by 2030

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A German governmental coalition has committed to getting 15 million electric vehicles on the road by 2030.

The country currently has just 570,000 battery-powered cars in operation, and will have to ramp up usage by 33% a year.

The timing of the lofty goal puts Germany ahead of a larger European Union effort to phase out combustion-engine cars by 2035. »

Putin: Talks with Armenia, Azerbaijan leaders ‘constructive’

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is hosting the leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan for talks.

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin said the talks he hosted in southern Russia Friday with the leaders of regional rivals Armenia and Azerbaijan were “constructive” and produced a series of agreements on key issues. »

A New York City woman's coffee table was discovered to be part of a dance floor from ancient Roman emperor Caligula's party yacht

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New York art dealer Helen Fioratti unknowingly used an ancient Roman mosaic as a coffee table.

The mosaic was commissioned by Roman emperor Caligula for one of his large party ships.

A geometric mosaic from one of Roman emperor Caligula's lavish party ships was being used by a New York City art dealer as a coffee table in her Park Avenue residence, The Guardian reported. »