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Sunday November 28th, 2021 morning edition

image for You can’t see them to count them, but Amazonian manatees seem to be recovering

Amazonian manatees (Trichechus inunguis) are so elusive that some call them a “ghost animal.”

In the course of their studies, they found several encouraging indications that the manatee population is rebounding in the Purus River region.

It is possible that the populations are recovering in the area we studied,” de Souza says.

“We did interviews with community members and fishermen and they say they see more traces of manatees.”.

Manatees are a slow-breeding animal, whose gestation lasts 12 months, at the end of which they produce just one calf.

By then, commercial exploitation had led to a drastic drop in the population of Amazonian manatees in the Purus River.

From July 20-23 this year, staff carried out a historic release of 13 manatees into the Piagaçu-Purus Sustainable Development Reserve. »

At least 30 people burglarize a Best Buy in Minnesota on Black Friday

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(CNN) At least 30 people entered a Best Buy store in Burnsville, Minnesota, on Black Friday and stole electronics, according to a Burnsville Police statement obtained by CNN affiliate WCCO.

It is not yet known how much merchandise was taken from the store in Friday's theft, the statement said.

Another Best Buy, approximately 25 miles away, was also burglarized on Friday. »

Chapman’s ice cream boycott backfires, COVID-19 vaccine policy wins brand extra support

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The owner of one of Canada’s largest ice cream producers says an online campaign to boycott his company for its workplace COVID-19 vaccination policy has backfired and has led to renewed interest and support for the brand.

External reaction to the policy was swift, with calls on a number of platforms to boycott the company, vice-president Ashley Chapman said.

On the contrary, the ice-cream producer has gotten numerous inquiries from Americans asking where they could purchase Chapman’s ice cream. »

Is Wisconsin Still a Democracy?

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Johnson’s intervention also follows a Republican-led push for a partisan redistricting of the state that passed its senate earlier this month.

Taken together, both represent different thrusts in a wider GOP strategy to consolidate power by rewriting election laws and empowering state legislatures to toss out results in future contests.

Make no mistake: the ultimate goal of the GOP’s strategy is nothing less than the permanent instantiation of conservative minority rule. »