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Sunday November 28th, 2021 day edition

image for South African scientists brace for wave propelled by omicron

JOHANNESBURG -- Worried scientists in South Africa are scrambling to combat the lightning spread across the country of the new and highly transmissible omicron COVID-19 variant as the world grapples with its emergence.

In the space of two weeks, the omicron variant has sent South Africa from a period of low transmission to rapid growth of new confirmed cases.

The country’s numbers are still relatively low, with 2,828 new confirmed cases recorded Friday, but omicron’s speed in infecting young South Africans has alarmed health professionals.

“Young people, in their 20s to just over their late 30s, are coming in with moderate to severe disease, some needing intensive care.

About 65% are not vaccinated and most of the rest are only half-vaccinated,” said Mathivha.

“The scientific reaction from within South Africa is that we need to learn as much as soon as possible.

As scientists try to learn more about omicron, the people of South Africa can take measures to protect themselves against it, said Hanekom. »

Is Wisconsin Still a Democracy?

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Johnson’s intervention also follows a Republican-led push for a partisan redistricting of the state that passed its senate earlier this month.

Taken together, both represent different thrusts in a wider GOP strategy to consolidate power by rewriting election laws and empowering state legislatures to toss out results in future contests.

Make no mistake: the ultimate goal of the GOP’s strategy is nothing less than the permanent instantiation of conservative minority rule. »

Chapman’s ice cream boycott backfires, COVID-19 vaccine policy wins brand extra support

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The owner of one of Canada’s largest ice cream producers says an online campaign to boycott his company for its workplace COVID-19 vaccination policy has backfired and has led to renewed interest and support for the brand.

External reaction to the policy was swift, with calls on a number of platforms to boycott the company, vice-president Ashley Chapman said.

On the contrary, the ice-cream producer has gotten numerous inquiries from Americans asking where they could purchase Chapman’s ice cream. »

Hero of the Week: Cash Daniels

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This week, we received an email from Erin nominating 12-year-old Cash Daniels of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Five years ago, Cash, at the age of seven, heard that the Tennessee River was polluted.

He did some research and found out how many people in the area depend on that water to live. »