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Wednesday November 24th, 2021 night edition

image for UN crowns nuclear as lowest carbon electricity source

UN crowns nuclear as lowest carbon electricity source.

Nuclear power produces less CO2 emissions over its lifecycle than any other electricity source, according to a new report by United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).

The commission found nuclear power has the lowest carbon footprint measured in grams of CO2 per kilowatt-hour (kWh), compared to any rival electricity sources – including wind, solar, gas and coal.

It also revealed nuclear has the lowest lifecycle land use, as well as the lowest lifecycle mineral and metal requirements of all the clean technologies.

While nuclear and renewables are zero-carbon at generation point, every electricity source produces CO2 at various stages, including construction, operation and decommissioning.

This would mean the two projects would have the lowest carbon intensity and highest clean energy output of any plant constructed in British history.

Nuclear’s sustainability makes the energy source an attractive tool for the UK as it aims achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. »

Starbucks launches aggressive anti-union effort as upstate New York stores organize

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Westlake’s experience is just one part of an aggressive anti-union campaign run by the giant coffee chain as six Starbucks stores in the Buffalo, New York, area have filed for union elections with the National Labor Relations Board in recent weeks.

If successful, the stores would be the first Starbucks corporate locations to unionize in the US.

Dozens of corporate executives have flooded stores with the intent to deter workers from voting to unionize, workers say. »

Afghans 'marry off' baby girls for dowries as starvation looms

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Child marriage has increased in tandem with soaring poverty since the Taliban seized power 100 days ago on Aug. 15, with reports of destitute parents even promising baby girls for future marriage in exchange for dowries, women's rights activists said.

They predicted the rate of child marriage - which was prevalent even before the Taliban's return - could nearly double in the coming months.

The most recent national data show 28% of girls in Afghanistan marry before they reach 18, and 4% before 15. »

Erdogan lost in foreign policy maze of his own making

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As a populist politician Erdogan has tried to satisfy his Islamist and nationalist support base with an angry finger-wagging approach to foreign policy.

The situation in the eastern Mediterranean, where Turkey and Greece are vying for energy resources, is a case in point.

Erdogan is known to disregard such opposition, but his dilemma is that such an operation will only deepen Turkey’s international isolation. »