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Wednesday November 24th, 2021 day edition

image for Jan. 6 Organizers Used Anonymous ‘Burner Phones’ to Communicate with White House and Trump Family, Sources Say

According to the three sources, some of the most crucial planning conversations between top rally organizers and Trump’s inner circle took place on those burner phones.

Any conversation she had with the White House or Trump family took place on those phones,” the team member said of Kylie Kremer.

Eric Trump, Lara Trump, and Pierson did not respond to requests for comment.

As part of that effort, the committee has subpoenaed documents from the Kremers, other “March For Trump” organizers, rally planners, and top Trump advisers including members of his White House staff and campaign team.

There could still be some evidence of direct communications between Kylie Kremer and the White House in more traditional phone records.

The team member says that there were rare exceptions in which Kylie Kremer used her regular phone to communicate with Trump officials.

According to the team member, it was able to park because of calls from the Kremers to the Trump family. »

Xinjiang footage sheds new light on Uyghur detention camps

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A 20-minute video featuring more than a dozen detention facilities in China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region has offered fresh evidence and renewed the discussion around China's large-scale crackdown on ethnic minorities in the region.

Other forms of corroboration that researchers like Killing rely on include interviews with former detainees and information from journalists who visit the detention facilities.

She added that Guanguan's video helps to confirm whether many facilities are prisons or detention centers. »

Unconscious Mom Saved by Heroic 3-Year-Old Who Learned to Call Police From Cartoon

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A three-year-old boy from West Midlands, U.K. dialed police after his mom fell unconscious earlier this month, having picked up the skill from an unlikely source: a YouTube cartoon.

According to The Independent, toddler Thomas Boffey dialed 999 (the U.K.'s equivalent to 911) after his mom, 33-year-old Kayleigh Boffey, fell down the stairs.

The toddler, speaking to ​​operator Morgane Amphlett, said his "mummy fell upstairs" before putting the semi-conscious Kayleigh on the line. »