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Wednesday November 10th, 2021 morning edition

image for A history teacher told her students Trump was still president. She's been removed from the school.

Armed with new knowledge, the eighth grader had an announcement and a revisionist history lesson for his mother.

The boy's middle school history teacher unleashed a rant during an Oct. 18 class at Anacapa Middle School in Ventura, Calif., KCAL first reported.

"The teacher has expressed deep remorse," a school district spokeswoman told The Post in an email.

The Anacapa Middle School teacher on Oct. 18 delivered several conservative talking points to her students, including on vaccines.

"People need to wake up and see the government has way too much power right now," she told her students.

Silikula told KCAL that teachers are entitled to their political views, but they shouldn't try to proselytize their students.

Silikula said Rice, the superintendent, told her that her son's entire class was transferred to another teacher. »

Todd Howard: Making Starfield Was Now Or Never, Even If Elder Scrolls 6 Had To Wait

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Elder Scrolls fans love to joke about the long gap between Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls 6, which is now 10 years and counting.

Bethesda Game Studios ultimately decided to push forward with Starfield, effectively putting The Elder Scrolls 6 on the backburner.

Ultimately, the success of Elder Scrolls Online and the overall health of the franchise gave Bethesda the confidence to focus on Starfield, Howard said. »

Woman charged for crying during surgery

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One woman learned this the hard way when she went to her doctor to get a mole removed.

She cried at one point during the operation, and her bill, which she posted to Twitter, showed an $11 charge for "Brief Emotion" and a billing code of CPT Code 96127.

So not only will clinicians have more efficient practices by utilizing these screenings, but they can also use them to build revenue." »

Kellyanne Conway and Mike Pompeo among 13 Trump aides who campaigned illegally, federal investigation finds

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One of the US government’s top ethics watchdogs has found that 13 top Trump administration officials – including Kellyanne Conway and Mike Pompeo – violated federal laws prohibiting government employees from using federal resources to campaign for political candidates.

The Office of Special Counsel is an independent agency charged with enforcing the Hatch Act and the protection of federal whistleblowers.

“Based upon the Trump administration’s reaction to the violations, OSC concludes that the most logical inference is that the administration approved of these taxpayer-funded campaign activities. »