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Sunday October 31st, 2021 night edition

image for Spanish government to ban advertising aimed at children of unhealthy foods such as chocolate, juices and ice creams

Spain’s Ministry of Consumer Affairs has announced that it will ban advertising for unhealthy foods and drinks that are aimed at children and adolescents via TV, radio, social media, websites, applications, cinemas and newspapers.

Products included in the ban range from chocolate and candy, to cookies, desserts, juices and ice creams, among others.

As such, Garzón has opted to use a decree as a tool reduce the “alarming” rates of childhood obesity in Spain.

He explained that the regulation of such advertising would not, as he had initially planned, be controlled using the “Nutri-Score” system.

This traffic-light rating for food and drink is based on nutritional values but has not been without controversy.

Social media, applications, the internet and the printed press will not feature advertising aimed at the under-16s.

“In Spain, one in every three children is overweight or obese,” the Consumer Affairs Ministry stated on Twitter. »

Covid-19 has killed more people in the US than HIV/Aids did in 40 years

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“If they brought everybody along and said this is something that we all need to figure out, then it would have been better.”.

For Covid, people of colour have often had to keep working in front-line jobs while white and wealthier people stayed home.

In 40 years of fighting the virus, health programmes and healthcare infrastructure have expanded, helping the US better address the current pandemic. »

Lauren Boebert’s Campaign Mistakenly Says, In FEC Filing, That She Represents Utah

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T he campaign of Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) submitted a report with the Federal Election Commission on Thursday night that lists her as a candidate for Congress in Utah.

The campaign amended that filing last night and, among other revisions, changed Boebert’s state and district on the first page from Colorado 03 to Utah 03.

ET: Early Friday afternoon Boebert’s campaign amended its report a second time, and the state is now listed as Colorado. »

LA Sheriff Warns Of 'Mass Exodus' Of Deputies Because of Vaccine Mandate

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The sheriff said he cannot enforce “reckless mandates that put public safety at risk.”.

Barger also noted that County employees can seek an exemption from the vaccine mandate based on medical or religious reasons.

Five L.A. County employees, including a Sheriff’s deputy, have sued the county claiming the vaccination mandate is unconstitutional. »