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Saturday October 30th, 2021 night edition

image for US wages jump by the most in records dating back 20 years

California's historic hiring slowed down in September as the state added 47,400 new jobs.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Wages jumped in the three months ending in September by the most on records dating back 20 years, a stark illustration of the growing ability of workers to demand higher pay from companies that are desperate to fill a near-record number of available jobs.

With more jobs available than there are unemployed people, government data shows, businesses have been forced to work harder to attract staff.

The 1.5% increase in wages and salaries in the third quarter is ahead of the 1.2% increase in inflation during that period, economists said.

In the year ending in September, wages and salaries soared 4.2%, also a record gain.

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta , in September job-switchers saw their pay jump 5.4% compared with a year earlier.

Data from the Indeed job listings website shows that employers are still posting huge numbers of available jobs. »

AOC says now is the time to 'bring the heat on Biden' to cancel student debt: 'He doesn't need Manchin's permission for that'

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AOC said on Instagram the "slashed" spending package is a chance to ramp up pressure for student debt cancellation.

"He needs to step up his executive action game and show his commitment to deliver for people," she added.

"I think given how much BBB has been slashed there is more opportunity than ever to bring the heat on Biden to cancel student loans. »

North America’s first whale sanctuary is taking shape in rural Nova Scotia

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The plan to build North America’s first wild refuge for whales retired from marine parks was poised to take a big step forward Friday in a remote corner of northeastern Nova Scotia.

“This really does show people that we are here, and we’ll be cutting the ribbon to show this is in fact our home, here in Nova Scotia.”.

“It’s a good opportunity for a new business to come into the municipality,” said Greg Wier, the warden of the rural municipality that includes Sherbrooke. »

Skydance New Media Joins Forces with Marvel Entertainment

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“I can’t imagine a better partner than Marvel for our first game,” said Hennig, President, Skydance New Media.

“The Marvel Universe epitomizes all the action, mystery and thrills of the pulp adventure genre that I adore and lends itself perfectly to an interactive experience.

“Their ambition and vision for making innovative entertainment using beloved Marvel IP was obvious from our first meeting. »

The Inevitable Rivalry: America, China, and the Tragedy of Great-Power Politics

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And China would almost certainly use that military to pursue hegemony in Asia and project power into other regions of the world.

Furthermore, no state can ever be certain that a rival—especially one with abundant military power—will not attack it.

Early presidents and their successors worked assiduously to make the United States the most powerful country in the Western Hemisphere. »