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Friday October 29th, 2021 morning edition

image for At Least 8 Republicans Who Participated In Jan. 6 Are Running For Office Next Week

The candidates include state legislators running for reelection, as well as local officials and candidates seeking statehouse seats.

And whatever law enforcement’s preparation for the day, the potential for violence was clear, with some Trump supporters openly planning for it online.

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee has been tracking every state legislator who played a role in Jan. 6.

The only one who was charged with actually entering the Capitol, then–West Virginia delegate Derrick Evans, has pleaded not guilty and resigned.

He told the Loudon Times-Mirror, "I don't know what constitutes the Capitol grounds, but I certainly didn't enter the Capitol.”

March is running in a heavily Republican district, making it very likely that she will win the seat.

He said he did not go into the building and shared some of his video with the FBI. »

Amazon Games’ New World Has Lost Almost 70% Of Its Players

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Amazon Games’ New World Has Lost Almost 70% Of Its Players Amazon Games' MMORPG is down by almost 600,000 concurrent players in under a month.

Still, Amazon Games Studios is trying to keep the game fresh by adding in new content every now and then.

While it’s unsure if this is a game issue or not, it’s definitely a concern for players playing New World. »

The Fall and Rise of Techno-Globalism

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That rhetoric may sound familiar enough from four countries meeting to champion a “free, open, rules-based order.”

Almost from its inception, idealists saw in the Internet the radical potential to help bridge divides among people.

The democratic countries where techno-globalists were once unrestrained in their advocacy of an open Internet now have become preoccupied with technology’s risks. »