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Wednesday October 13rd, 2021 morning edition

image for Texas removes suicide hotline from LGBTQ site because it could hurt GOP governor’s reelection

The site for Texas Youth Connection, part of DFPS, used to have a page called “Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation” that had links to various LGBTQ youth resources, including a suicide prevention hotline and educational materials.

In August, Don Huffines, who is challenging Abbott in the Republican primary, criticized the site in a video posted to Twitter.

“They are promoting transgender sexual policies to our- to Texas youth!”.

He read out what each of the letters in LGBTQ means and said: “This is Texas!

“This action is unconscionable, and it reminds us that political aspirations are part of every attack on LGBTQ+ kids in Texas.”.

LGBTQ youth have a high rate of suicide and attempted suicide than their cishet counterparts.

The Trevor Project, which runs the LGBTQ youth suicide hotline that used to be linked on the Texas website, reported a 150% increase in calls from transgender youth in Texas since the state legislature started trying to pass laws attacking transgender youth this year. »

Subway Gets $5 Million ‘Fake Tuna’ Lawsuit Thrown Out of Court

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In an eight-page order, Tigar explained that “this is not a situation where Subway possesses the missing information.”

But the judge also spent considerable time determining whether or not the court could take “judicial notice” of certain alleged facts.

“Subway cannot properly defend itself against a complaint that does not identify the misstatements it allegedly made,” the judge said. »

International court backs Somalia in sea dispute with Kenya

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The International Court of Justice has sided with Somalia in its dispute with neighboring Kenya over a maritime boundary in a case affecting territory potentially rich in oil and gas.

NAIROBI, Kenya -- The International Court of Justice has sided with Somalia in its dispute with neighboring Kenya over a maritime boundary in a case affecting a territory potentially rich in oil and gas.

The ruling on Tuesday by the United Nations’ highest court is legally binding, though the court has no enforcement powers. »

France to ban plastic packaging for most fruit and vegetables from January 2022

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France will ban plastic packaging for nearly all fruit and vegetables from January 2022 in a bid to reduce plastic waste, the environment ministry said on Monday.

Implementing a February 2020 law, the government published a list of about 30 fruits and vegetables that will have to be sold without plastic packaging from Jan. 1.

It estimated that 37% of fruit and vegetables are sold with packaging and expects that the measure will prevent more than one billion useless plastic packaging items per year. »

Poll Finds 88 Percent Support Sanders’s Plan to Lower Prescription Drug Prices

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A poll of over 2,000 adults, conducted by CBS earlier this month, found that 88 percent of people surveyed support lowering prescription drug prices and 84 percent support expanding Medicare to cover dental, vision and hearing.

A proposal for guaranteed paid family and medical leave is also popular, with 73 percent of those polled expressing their support.

Several of the bill’s most popular provisions — including lowering drug prices and expanding Medicare — are provisions that Sanders has been fighting for over the past few months. »