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Wednesday October 13rd, 2021 evening edition

image for Republicans would "rather end democracy" than turn away from Trump, says Harvard professor

That was a big reason why Harvard professor Steven Levitsky, along with his colleague Daniel Ziblatt, published the 2018 book "How Democracies Die."

The speed and the extent to which the Republican Party has been Trumpified is way beyond anything that we expected.

One of the two major parties has now basically given up on playing by democratic rules of the game.

You mention in your book the idea of using democratic methods to save our democracy, one being the election.

What I did not anticipate is that the vast bulk of the Republican Party would go along with it.

Trump could go into exile to Iceland tomorrow, he could pass away tomorrow, and that's not going to end this.

Obviously, enacting reforms is really difficult now because it's difficult to peel away even a single Republican vote. »

Amazon copied products and rigged search results, documents show

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“We display search results based on relevance to the customer’s search query, irrespective of whether such products have private brands offered by sellers or not,” Amazon said.

Yet the internal Amazon documents show that in India, Amazon manipulated search results to favor its own products.

Sparkles are banners that Amazon has planted above search results to direct customers to certain products the company wants to promote. »

Dutch royals can marry same-sex partner without giving up crown

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Crown Princess Catharina-Amalia, 17, has not made any comments on the matter, and little is known of her personal life.

The question arose after recently published books argued that the country's rules exclude the possibility of a same-sex royal couple.

Members of the Dutch royal house have on occasion given up their place in the line of succession to marry someone without permission. »

Militant political Islam wins, peaceful political Islam loses

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The combined lessons from events in Tunisia and Afghanistan send a signal that will come back to haunt the West.

The lesson for democratic and moderate Islamists so far is that you will be removed, even banned.

Jihadists are not afraid to make this point with the Islamic State claiming that the removal was expected. »

After family members contracted COVID-19, Ozzy Osbourne says worshiping Satan protected him from virus

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The Grammy Award-winning heavy metal icon credited Satan for covering him during the pandemic, even as close family members contracted COVID-19.

“My wife had the virus; my daughter had the virus and I never got it,” he told Metal Hammer.

The Osbournes have another daughter, 38-year-old Aimee, an actress and singer who has distanced herself from the family members’ public personas. »