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Wednesday October 13rd, 2021 day edition

image for 'Don't drink the water': Iqaluit drinking water supply possibly tainted with petroleum hydrocarbons

-- Residents of Nunavut's capital city, Iqaluit, are being warned not to consume the city's drinking water due to the possibility of petroleum hydrocarbons.

The city’s Department of Health has issued a do not drink water advisory.

Residents are being advised not to consume tap water for drinking or cooking until further notice.

"Pregnant women, newborns and infants should not take baths or be bathed in tap water.

Do not use tap water to mix infant formula," reads a public health advisory issued Tuesday.

"Active investigation of the city's drinking water system and additional testing of the drinking water are ongoing," read the advisory.

“In this case, we suspect that there is some type of petroleum product that has entered the water system.”. »

Walgreens closing 5 San Francisco stores due to 'organized retail crime'

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Walgreens will close five more San Francisco stores, a company spokesperson confirmed Tuesday, citing ongoing organized retail crime as the reason.

“Retail theft across our San Francisco stores has continued to increase in the past few months to five times our chain average.

Editor's note: The original story incorrectly stated that one of the Walgreens closing was at 2250 Ocean Ave. »

Bowing to investors, Microsoft will make its devices easier to fix

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Collectively, these resolutions represent a new front in the right-to-repair fight, one that explicitly links corporate environmental responsibility to repair policies.

The battle is being led by shareholder organizations that have had success pressing companies for greater transparency on climate change.

When consumers are unable to fix their devices quickly and cheaply, they’re more likely to buy new ones, and that has consequences for the planet. »

After family members contracted COVID-19, Ozzy Osbourne says worshiping Satan protected him from virus

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The Grammy Award-winning heavy metal icon credited Satan for covering him during the pandemic, even as close family members contracted COVID-19.

“My wife had the virus; my daughter had the virus and I never got it,” he told Metal Hammer.

The Osbournes have another daughter, 38-year-old Aimee, an actress and singer who has distanced herself from the family members’ public personas. »

Subway Gets $5 Million ‘Fake Tuna’ Lawsuit Thrown Out of Court

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In an eight-page order, Tigar explained that “this is not a situation where Subway possesses the missing information.”

But the judge also spent considerable time determining whether or not the court could take “judicial notice” of certain alleged facts.

“Subway cannot properly defend itself against a complaint that does not identify the misstatements it allegedly made,” the judge said. »