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Wednesday October 6th, 2021 night edition

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The FBI on Tuesday raided the Manhattan offices of a New York City police union, and several hours later two agents left the building with cardboard evidence boxes in their arms.

Armed with a warrant, the agents conducted a search in the headquarters of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, which represents 13,000 active and retired New York City Police Department sergeants and is the fifth-biggest police union in the country.

Simultaneously, FBI agents searched a home in the Long Island suburb of Port Washington, New York, an FBI spokesperson said.

Members of the public corruption unit in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York were also involved in the raid, according to The New York Times.

Neither Mullins, who has run the union since 2002, nor the SBA's lawyer, Andrew Quinn, could be reached for comment.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said he was aware of the FBI raid but shed no light on the surprise raid of the SBA.

Mullins was paid $88,757 by the union in 2019, according to the SBA's most recent paperwork, which listed him as a trustee. »

Rare Arabian leopard cub is born, raising hopes for the species’ survival

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The birth of an Arabian leopard cub in Saudi Arabia is fuelling hope for the survival of one of the world’s most critically endangered animals.

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) has just announced that the female cub was born on April 23 at the Arabian Leopard Breeding Center in Taif, Saudi Arabia.

Dr Ahmed Almalki, the Royal Commission’s nature reserves director, said the birth represented “one step further towards reviving the Arabian leopard”. »

Steve Bannon pledges 20k ‘shock troops’ ready to go as he rants that ‘we control this country’

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Donald Trump’s former White House strategist Steve Bannon says he will have 20,000 “shock troops” ready to act as he ranted that “we control this country”.

Mr Bannon made the comments as he said he had rallied Republican supporters to “deconstruct” the state when the party wins the White House again.

“If you’re going to take over the administrative state and deconstruct it, then you have to have shock troops prepared to take it over immediately,” Mr Bannon told NBC. »

6-year-old finds mastodon tooth in Michigan nature preserve

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Oct. 4 (UPI) -- A 6-year-old walking with his family in a Michigan nature preserve made a rare discovery: a 12,000-year-old mastodon tooth.

Julian Gagnon, 6, was walking with his family in the Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve on Sept. 6 when he found an object that he initially identified to his parents as a "dragon's tooth.".

The family contacted the University of Michigan Museum of Paleontologists, which identified the discovery as the upper right molar of a juvenile mastodon, a species that lived in Michigan about 12,000 years ago. »

Sen. Amy Klobuchar says Congress has 'done nothing' to oversee Facebook because tech companies are 'throwing money around this town'

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Klobuchar said tech lobbyists "throwing a bunch of money around this town" were preventing action.

"I think the time has come for action, and I think you are the catalyst for that action," Klobuchar told Haugen.

Because Facebook and the other tech companies are throwing a bunch of money around this town, and people are listening to them.". »