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Wednesday October 6th, 2021 morning edition

image for Third Sandy Hook parent wins defamation suit against Alex Jones

NEWTOWN — A third parent of a slain Sandy Hook child has won a defamation lawsuit against conspiracy extremist and “Infowars” host Alex Jones in Texas.

Neil Heslin will have his case heard by a jury to determine damages along with the Sandy Hook parents in two other cases — Scarlett Lewis and Lenny Pozner — who won their defamation suits against Jones last week .

“Alex Jones and Infowars no longer have the ability to make excuses or defend their actions,” Ogden said on Tuesday.

Heslin, Lewis and Pozner sued Jones for calling the 2012 fatal shooting of 26 first-graders and educators at Sandy Hook School “staged,” “synthetic,” “manufactured,” “a giant hoax” and “completely fake with actors.”.

The judge agreed, ruling last week that Jones’ had shown “flagrant bad faith and callous disregard for the responsibilities of discovery under the rules.”.

The defamation cases in Texas are separate from two defamation lawsuits filed against Jones and Infowars in Connecticut Superior Court by eight families who lost loved ones in the Sandy Hook massacre and an FBI agent, where the Judge Barbara Bellis has also threatened default against Jones if he doesn’t comply with discovery orders.

“We look forward to completing discovery on the damages that were caused by Alex Jones and Infowars’ five-year campaign of spreading harassing misinformation,” Ogden said. »

Rare Arabian leopard cub is born, raising hopes for the species’ survival

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The birth of an Arabian leopard cub in Saudi Arabia is fuelling hope for the survival of one of the world’s most critically endangered animals.

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) has just announced that the female cub was born on April 23 at the Arabian Leopard Breeding Center in Taif, Saudi Arabia.

Dr Ahmed Almalki, the Royal Commission’s nature reserves director, said the birth represented “one step further towards reviving the Arabian leopard”. »

6-year-old finds mastodon tooth in Michigan nature preserve

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Oct. 4 (UPI) -- A 6-year-old walking with his family in a Michigan nature preserve made a rare discovery: a 12,000-year-old mastodon tooth.

Julian Gagnon, 6, was walking with his family in the Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve on Sept. 6 when he found an object that he initially identified to his parents as a "dragon's tooth.".

The family contacted the University of Michigan Museum of Paleontologists, which identified the discovery as the upper right molar of a juvenile mastodon, a species that lived in Michigan about 12,000 years ago. »

A group of violent otters is mysteriously attacking people and dogs in Alaska

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State authorities are searching for a group of violent river otters (Lutra canadensis) that have been mysteriously attacking adults, children and dogs in Anchorage, Alaska.

Given the involvement of dogs in nearly all of the incidents, the most probable explanation for the otters’ aggressive behavior is a defensive reaction to dogs.

Once the otters are found, the ADFG says it will remove individuals from the group, testing any otters killed in the process for rabies. »

Workers at all of Kellogg's U.S. cereal plants go on strike

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Work has halted at all of the Kellogg Company’s U.S. cereal plants as roughly 1,400 workers went on strike.

The strike includes plants in Omaha, Nebraska Battle Creek, Michigan; Lancaster, Pennsylvania; and Memphis, Tennessee.

Kellogg’s workers aren’t the first food workers to strike during the pandemic. »