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Wednesday October 6th, 2021 day edition

image for Tehran police: No more arrests for flouting dress code

Police in Iran's capital say they will no longer arrest women for failing to observe the Islamic dress code imposed since the 1979 revolution.

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Police in Iran’s capital said Thursday they will no longer arrest women for failing to observe the Islamic dress code in place since the 1979 revolution.

“Those who do not observe the Islamic dress code will no longer be taken to detention centers, nor will judicial cases be filed against them.”

For nearly 40 years, women in Iran have been forced to cover their hair and wear long, loose garments.

Younger and more liberal-minded women have long pushed the boundaries of the official dress code, wearing loose headscarves that don’t fully cover their hair and painting their nails, drawing the ire of conservatives.

Men can also be stopped by the police if they are seen wearing shorts or going shirtless. »

Third Sandy Hook parent wins defamation suit against Alex Jones

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NEWTOWN — A third parent of a slain Sandy Hook child has won a defamation lawsuit against conspiracy extremist and “Infowars” host Alex Jones in Texas.

Neil Heslin will have his case heard by a jury to determine damages along with the Sandy Hook parents in two other cases — Scarlett Lewis and Lenny Pozner — who won their defamation suits against Jones last week .

“Alex Jones and Infowars no longer have the ability to make excuses or defend their actions,” Ogden said on Tuesday. »

Man Selling Catalytic Converter on Facebook Busted by Cops Over Alleged Meth in Photo

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One amateur catalytic converter dealer in Missouri learned this the hard way last week after getting busted for allegedly doing just that, according to police.

Per the Stone County Sherriff Doug Rader last Wednesday via CNN, "Last night one of our Stone County residents posted a catalytic converter for sale on [Facebook] Marketplace.

If you're going to sell catalytic converters on Facebook, hide your meth. »

Senate Democrats considering nuking filibuster for debt limit bills

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WASHINGTON — Senate Democrats, looking for a way to raise the debt limit without Republican support, are considering changing the chamber's rules and allowing the debt limit to be increased with a simple majority.

Creating a new exception to the filibuster is gaining support among Senate Democrats, four sources with knowledge of the discussion told NBC News.

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin, D-Ill, said Democrats "ought to have that conversation" about changing the filibuster rules to raise the debt limit. »