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Tuesday October 5th, 2021 day edition

image for Elton John, Shakira Named in Pandora Papers as U.K. and Australia Call for Review of Leaked Tax Shelter Documents

An attorney for Shakira told the ICIJ that the Colombian singer denies all wrongdoings, saying she had declared her companies in the Bahamas claiming they do not provide tax advantages.

Representatives for Schiffer also claim the fashion star pays her taxes in the U.K., where she is based.

The case centers on allegations that Shakira lived in Spain during the period, although she was registered for tax purposes in the Bahamas.

The Pandora Papers are a follow-up to a similar project in 2016 from the same journalist collective called the Panama Papers.

The Panama Papers, however, were based on a data leak from a single, now-defunct, law firm called Mossack Fonseca located in Panama.

The latest data dump is even larger than the Panama Papers and comes from documents leaked from some 14 different service providers doing business in 38 different jurisdictions worldwide.

On the other side of the world, the Australia Tax Office said on Monday that it would also be analyzing the information in the Pandora Papers “to identify any possible Australian links.”. »

Man arrested after employer reports him for use of a fake COVID-19 vaccination card

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A man was arrested on Friday for trying to use a fake COVID-19 vaccine card.

Devin Kemp, 24, of Eaton, was arrested and charged with second degree possession of a forged instrument after his employer reported him for trying to use a fake vaccine card.

The Department of Health Vaccination Complaint Investigation Team contacted State Police Monday when the company Kemp worked for filed a complaint. »

Biden administration reverses Trump-era move that shut out Planned Parenthood from federal family-planning program

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Under the program, clinics around the country receive federal money to provide patients with sexually transmitted disease (STD) screenings, contraceptive care, and more.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund, its political arm, called Monday’s announcement “HUGE news for providers + millions of patients cut off from sexual/reproductive health services under the Trump administration - like STD treatment, cancer screenings, pre-pregnancy care, & counseling.”.

Planned Parenthood previously said in April when the Biden administration proposed reversing the rule change that services could begin as soon as next year should the change occur. »

Netflix establishes $5.4 million Chadwick Boseman scholarship at Howard University

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(CNN) Netflix and Howard University have established a $5.4 million scholarship in honor of Chadwick Boseman, called The Chadwick A. Boseman Memorial Scholarship.

The full scholarship will cover four years of tuition at Howard's College of Fine Arts, which was renamed after Boseman earlier this year.

"This scholarship embodies Chadwick's love for Howard, his passion for storytelling, and his willingness to support future generations of Howard students. »

4 Family Members Die in Freak Accident While Making Wine in Italian Village

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Four men from the same family died in a freak accident when they were overcome by toxic fumes while producing wine on their family vineyard during an annual winemaking event, officials said.

They died due to lack of sufficient air ventilation, according to Prosecutor Pierpaolo Bruni, who said an investigation is underway, The Telegraph reported.

When paramedics arrived they were unable to rescue any of the men, the news outlet reported. »