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Saturday October 2nd, 2021 night edition

image for Bombshell recordings show police warned they were overwhelmed by Capitol rioters hours before Trump’s speech

US Park Police in Washington DC were overwhelmed by protesters and called for help from colleagues hours before then President Donald Trump’s 6 January speech urging people to march on the Capitol, bombshell new recordings reveal.

As early as 9am, Park Police in the Capitol reported “individuals breaking through the fence line” and radioed colleagues with concern about “a large crowd that’s following us”, recordings obtained by the watchdog Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) show.

Park Police met with a large crowd near the Washington Monument early in the morning, and had been instructed to attempt to hold them back, but had requested backup to do so.

“Park Service has requested that the Flag Circle is closed, uh, we have about 300 people up here – they’re all refusing to leave.

Do we have any react squads so we can have a small show of force, get this area closed?”

on message said, while another added “We have individuals with shields and gas masks at the statue”.

Hours later, a violent mob breached the Capitol attempting to prevent the certification of Joe Biden’s election victory. »

California enacts law to strip badges from bad officers

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California has joined the vast majority of states in setting up a way to strip the badges of police officers who act criminally or with bias, a change that was among several criminal justice reforms signed into law Thursday by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

The law allowing the decertification of poor officers comes 18 years after lawmakers stripped away that power from a state police standards commission.

“We cannot allow officers who demonstrate gross misconduct to continue to be members of the law enforcement profession; their licenses must be revoked,” Marvel said. »

Former President Jimmy Carter quietly marks 97th birthday

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The oldest former U.S. president ever, Jimmy Carter, plans to quietly mark his 97th birthday at home in Georgia on Friday.

PLAINS, Ga. -- Ex-President Jimmy Carter, the oldest former U.S. chief executive ever, will quietly mark his 97th birthday at home in southwest Georgia on Friday, an aide said.

Workers at the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site in tiny Plains recorded greetings for the former president, and members of the public can sign an online birthday card at »

TikTok Cosplayer Killed Friend While Pretending to Be Batman Villain

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A TikTok cosplayer with 1.6 million followers was charged with manslaughter after allegedly shooting her friend in a terrible drunken incident in January while likening herself to the Batman villain Penguin.

There were six witnesses, according to a police report, and Oliver-Snow gave an audio statement at the time admitting that she shot her friend.

“It’s the killing someone and pretending that you aren’t guilty of manslaughter for me,” hufflepuffpride23 said in a recent post. »