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Thursday September 30th, 2021 day edition

image for More than 75 percent of Venezuelans now living in extreme poverty

Over 75 percent of Venezuelans are now living in extreme poverty, according to a new study published on Wednesday, Reuters reported.

The 2020-2021 National Survey of Living Conditions found that the percentage of Venezuelans living in extreme poverty rose by nearly 10 percentage points from last year, the wire service noted, from 67.7 percent last year to 76.6 percent this year.

Among the factors contributing to such dramatic poverty include fuel shortages, COVID-19 and not enough job opportunities.

"It is the absence of opportunities," Pedro Luis Espana, sociologist from Andres Bello Catholic University who worked on the report, told Reuters.

The administration of President Nicolas Maduro has pointed the blame on U.S. sanctions for the reasoning behind the country’s predicament.

However, the U.S. has also continued to give financial assistance to the country, including a recent contribution of $336 million in humanitarian and economic assistance.

According to the State Department, the U.S. has given over $1.9 billion in financial assistance to the country since 2017. »

Blink-182 bassist and vocalist Mark Hoppus says he is 'cancer free'

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Blink-182 vocalist and bassist Mark Hoppus announced Wednesday that he is "cancer free," six months after beginning chemotherapy.

"Thank you God and universe and friends and family and everyone who sent support and kindness and love.".

One Republic lead vocalist Ryan Tedder wrote "WWWWWWWWWW" in response to Hoppus' request for "a W in the chat". »

Britney Spears' father suspended as her conservator, judge rules

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Spears' father, James "Jamie" Spears, filed the petition to dissolve the conservatorship last month after she filed to replace him with a professional conservator.

A hearing to review the suspension and a petition to end the conservatorship is set for Nov. 12, about three weeks before Britney Spears' birthday.

Rosengart told reporters and fans after the hearing that the ruling was a "substantial step toward [Britney Spears'] freedom." »

$385bn of China's Belt and Road lending kept undisclosed: report

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The report also alleges that a major portion of Chinese development financing in Pakistan is composed of expensive loans.

This makes it difficult for debtors and multilateral lenders to assess the costs and benefits of participating in the Belt and Road Initiative.

The report also makes some interesting revelations about Chinese development financing in Pakistan in the context of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the $50 billion Pakistan component of Belt and Road. »