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Monday September 27th, 2021 day edition

image for Liz Cheney: `I was wrong’ in opposing gay marriage in past

WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. Liz Cheney says she was wrong to oppose gay marriage in the past, a stand that once split her family.

She voted to impeach Trump over his role in the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

“But the alternative cannot be a man who doesn’t believe in the rule of law, and who violated his oath of office,” Cheney said.

Cheney, 55, noted that she still talks with her father every night and that they share the same views on rejecting Trump.

Liz Cheney famously broke with her family in 2013 by opposing gay marriage ahead of a failed Senate bid.

In the interview, Cheney said her opposition to gay marriage was misguided and she channeled her sister-in-law’s Facebook post in explaining why she changed her position.

The Wyoming congresswoman criticized House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy of California for sticking with Trump after the assault on the Capitol. »

Covid has wiped out years of progress on life expectancy, finds study

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The Covid pandemic has caused the biggest decrease in life expectancy in western Europe since the second world war, according to a study.

The biggest declines in life expectancy were among males in the US, with a decline of 2.2 years relative to 2019 levels, followed by Lithuanian males (1.7 years).

Most life expectancy reductions across different countries were attributable to official Covid deaths, according to the paper. »

New York may tap National Guard to replace unvaccinated healthcare workers

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Hochul said the state was also looking at using National Guard officers with medical training to keep hospitals and other medical facilities adequately staffed.

Some 16% of the state's 450,000 hospital staff, or roughly 72,000 workers, have not been fully vaccinated, the governor's office said.

It was not immediately clear how pending legal cases concerning religious exemptions would apply to the state's plan to move ahead and terminate unvaccinated healthcare workers. »

Kyle Rittenhouse's mom reportedly received a 'standing ovation' from the crowd at a Republican event in Wisconsin

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Wendy Rittenhouse, the mother of accused Kenosha, Wisconsin, shooter Kyle Rittenhouse, reportedly received a standing ovation at a GOP event in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, on Thursday.

Rittenhouse was invited by conservative commentator Michelle Malkin, who was speaking at the event about "safety and self-defense" organized by the Republican Women of Waukesha County.

Wendy Rittenhouse, the mother of Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old who police say killed two people in an August protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, reportedly received a "standing ovation" at a local GOP event in Wisconsin on Thursday.". »

Swiss vote 'yes' to same-sex marriage

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Official results show 64.1% voted "yes" to legalizing same-sex marriages, while 36% voted "no," according to initial results from the gfs.bern polling agency.

However, supporters have said it could take months before such marriages could take place, mainly because of the country's administrative and legislative procedures.

Switzerland decriminalized homosexuality in 1942, but local and regional police forces were known to have maintained "gay registers" until the 1990s. »