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Saturday September 25th, 2021 night edition

image for Trump releases statement falsely claiming GOP audit in Arizona uncovered 'undeniable evidence' of fraud after the audit confirmed Biden won

In a statement, Trump said Cyber Ninjas' audit found "significant and undeniable evidence of FRAUD!".

Former President Donald Trump backpedaled from praising a group of "highly respected" GOP auditors in Arizona after their audit of the state's election results confirmed that Joe Biden won the general election.

Trump also released a misleading statement on Friday morning that said the audit found "significant and undeniable evidence of FRAUD!".

The statement was contradicted by a spokesperson for Cyber Ninjas, who earlier told an NPR affiliate in Arizona: "Was there massive fraud or anything?

The official report is scheduled to be presented to the Arizona state Senate at 1 p.m. on Friday.

ET on Friday, Trump released a new statement calling attention to the "huge findings in Arizona.".

Note: An initial version of this story incorrectly said that Trump deleted his original statement, citing ABC News' reporting. »

China announces complete ban on cryptocurrencies

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The People's Bank of China (PBoC) has announced that all cryptocurrency-related financial activities are illegal, including transactions, providing pricing services, and launching new tokens.

It follows another ban announced in May in China on financial institutions and payment companies providing services related to cryptocurrencies - causing the value of Bitcoin to plummet by more than 20%.

The announcement added that the central bank had established a coordination mechanism to deal with the risks posed by cryptocurrencies alongside China's main security and regulatory bodies, and mentioned tracking transactions and mining activities. »

Pregnant Women Vaccinated Against COVID-19 Pass Protection to Their Newborns; High Levels of Antibodies Found In Infants [Study]

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Offering some encouragement to do so, scientists have stated that mothers who are vaccinated against COVID-19 during pregnancy pass high levels of antibodies to their babies.

Despite this, "it is encouraging that neonatal antibody levels are high if women are vaccinated," expressed Dr.

According to the team, further research is required to ascertain the effectiveness of the antibodies in infants and the duration of protection. »

Sham audit backfires on Arizona GOP, Biden won by a wider margin

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The facts were unambiguous: President Joe Biden narrowly defeated Donald Trump in the Grand Canyon State last fall.

The three-volume report by the Cyber Ninjas, the Senate's lead contractor, includes results that show Trump lost by a wider margin than the county's official election results.

The New York Times' Maggie Haberman also noted in May that Trump had told people the Arizona audit "could undo" the 2020 presidential election. »

The Future of Conquest

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Instead, they use a different strategy: seize a small piece of territory quickly and with minimal bloodshed, then try to avoid war.

Some believe these wars are a glimpse into the future, while conquest is a relic of the past.

Sudden seizures of small territories will continue to be the most common spark for wars and near wars between powerful nations. »