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Saturday September 18th, 2021 day edition

image for Attorney for Brian Laundrie says his whereabouts are unknown

Please let us work through this and information will be forthcoming.

EMBED >More News Videos Police in Moab released a body camera video of the interaction between Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie.

EMBED >More News Videos ABC News interviews Cassie Laundrie, Brian Laundrie's sister about Gabby Petito's disappearance.

NORTH PORT, Florida -- Brian Laundrie's attorney says Brian is missing and the FBI is now trying to locate both him and Gabby Petito.Nearly a week into the search for Petito, police were called to the Laundrie family home on Friday evening at their request, but Laundrie wasn't there.They removed items from Brian's parents' house Friday to assist in the search for him, according to his attorney Steven Bertolino.The attorney wrote to reporters, "Be advised, the whereabouts of Brian Laundrie are currently unknown.

The FBI is currently at the Laundrie residence removing property to assist in locating Brian.

As of now, the FBI is looking for both Gabby and Brian.

I'm asking for help from the parents of Brian, and I'm asking for help from the family members and friends of the Laundrie family as well. »

This is Barcelona's plan to boost pedestrian green spaces

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This space will be transformed into sidewalks, playgrounds, bike lanes or restaurant terraces.

Since March 2020, Barcelona has reclaimed around eight hectares of the cityscape from motor vehicles, transforming it into sidewalks, playgrounds, bike lanes or restaurant terraces, with authorities arguing that people need more space to avoid COVID-19.

Along with Paris, which has also been creating more bike lanes, Barcelona has embraced an urban overhaul. »

College Students Drank Less During the Pandemic But Used Weed, Psychedelics at Record Highs, Study Finds

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If you tried to escape the horrors of the last year by doing your best "guy on the couch" cosplay, then you're not alone.

A recent study published by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) found that half of United States college students ages 19-60 admitted to using weed in 2020.

Young adults not in college also used hallucinogenics more and reported an increase from 8 to 10%. »

France recalls its ambassadors to US and Australia in submarine deal backlash

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The Australia-UK-US alliance – dubbed AUKUS – has been strongly condemned by France, with Le Drian calling it “a stab in the back”.

The French ambassador recalls from the United States and Australia – key allies of France – are unprecedented.

The French diplomat said Australia never gave any indication to France before of its intention to scrap the submarine deal, including during a meeting between Macron and Morrison in Paris on June 15. »