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Sunday September 12nd, 2021 night edition

image for Google underpaid thousands of international 'shadow workers,' violating labor laws around the world, reports reveal

Google underpaid thousands of temporary workers around the world, The Guardian and NYT report.

Countries with "pay-parity" laws require equitable wages for full-time and temporary workers.

One manager worried a pay bump would allow staff to "connect the dots" and cause an uproar, emails reviewed by NYT showed.

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Google underpaid thousands of international contract workers, violating pay-parity laws in several countries, The New York Times and The Guardian reported Friday.

According to The Guardian, Google employs over 900 temporary workers throughout the UK, Ireland, India, Germany, the Netherlands, France, and Poland — all of which enforce local pay-parity laws.

In short, we're going to figure out what went wrong here, why it happened, and we're going to make it right.". »

Affidavit: Texas man murdered woman, shot her husband, because they voted for Biden

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Alvarez, arrested September 8 nearly a year after the murder, is being held at the El Paso County Detention Center.

After Alvarez shot and killed the woman, he allegedly made his way through the detached garage door and entered the backyard.

Furthermore, the email Alvarez allegedly wrote claims he targeted the Kaufmann’s home near Memorial Park because they voted for Biden and had a Biden “flag and a doll of Trump hanging.”. »

World’s biggest factory to suck carbon from the sky turns on in Iceland

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The world’s first and largest factory to capture and convert carbon dioxide from the air into stone began operations in Iceland on Wednesday.

While Climeworks has built 16 installations across Europe, the Orca plant is the only one that permanently captures and stores CO2 rather than recycling it.

The factory is the first direct air capture and storage service with a validated process - awarded mid-June 2021 by independent third-party DNV. »