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Friday September 10th, 2021 evening edition

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(CNN) — France has become the latest European country -- and the most significant tourism destination -- to remove the United States from its safe travel list, following EU recommendations in the wake of a US Covid spike.

A French government decree issued on Thursday bumped the United States and Israel from the country's "green" list, down to "orange," effectively prohibiting nonessential travel to France for unvaccinated visitors.

Under France's rules, unvaccinated travelers from either country will still be allowed in provided they have an essential reason for travel, however they'll need a negative Covid-19 test before travel and must quarantine for seven days on arrival.

France's move follow restrictions imposed on US travelers from several other European destinations.

Earlier this week, Spain changed its entry policy for arrivals from the US, requiring them to have a certificate proving double vaccination.

Denmark and the Netherlands have also recently updated their restrictions, requiring proof of vaccination for US travelers.

Many European travel destinations reopened their borders to Americans earlier in the summer in the hope of attracting much needed tourism dollars to boost Covid-battered economies. »

The federal government will restore '100%' of pay to any school officials who are punished for defying state mask-mandate bans, Biden says

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President Joe Biden announced that the federal government would restore 100% of pay to educators.

The announcement seems to be a targeted response to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' ongoing showdown with state school officials and educators over mask requirements in classrooms.

Biden promised that any teacher or school officials whose pay was withheld for "doing the right thing" would be compensated by the federal government 100%. »

Denmark lifts all Covid restrictions as vaccinations top 80%

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More than 80% of people above the age of 12 in the Scandinavian country have had the two shots, leading the Danish government to declare as of midnight it no longer considers Covid-19 a “socially critical” disease.

The tipping point in Denmark to start easing restrictions came when a majority in the 50+ age group had both shots, Riis Paludan said.

Distancing is still recommended and strict entry restrictions still apply for non-Danes at the borders. »

UK faces 'permanent' food shortages and it will 'get worse'

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An industry official has warned the days consumers could pick up everything they want from supermarket shelves are over.

Also, a lot of workers are EU nationals who have been forced to leave the UK due to the pandemic and Brexit.

"And I don't think it will work again, I think we will see we are now in for permanent shortages. »

Dylann Roof: Racist mass killer appeals death sentence on grounds his victims were presented in sympathetic light in court

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Lawyers for white supremacist mass murderer Dylann Roof have launched a fresh challenge against his death sentence on the grounds that his victims’ “goodness and worth” were unfairly portrayed at trial.

In filings on Wednesday, his legal team claimed that prosecutors’ focus on the victims’ good character meant the death sentence was improperly imposed.

Dylann Roof: Charleston church shooter to plead guilty to murder to avoid second death sentence. »